Limited View

One of the great things about the prophetic psalms can be how short they are.  In some of the prophets, there are long passages with multiple themes making it difficult to distinguish which themes are prevalent at which point in the prophecy.  However, in a short 11 verse psalm like Psalm 46, there are only so many words we have to discern.  Limited view makes for singular vision.  Psalm 45 is only 17 verses in length but gives us great insight into the Kingdom of God as ruled by the Messiah.  We are not bogged down with other details such as

– How the old covenant will relate to the kingdom, or

– Gentile inclusion within the kingdom, or

– Who is the rider on the white horse? or

– Where is Magog? or

– When will the rapture happen?

For example, in Psalm 72 the psalmist does not go into detail concerning every single event between his generation and the apocalypse of the kingdom.  He simply “foresees” into the kingdom itself and reveals, manifests, shows forth those details of the kingdom to us through poetry.


That being said, we should be able to cross reference events within the psalms.  If there are common themes unfolding, we know that they could be parallel passages.  Psalm 45 and 72 are similar in many ways.  We can safely overlay the rule of the God-King of Psalm 45 with the rule of the King over all the earth of Psalm 72.  In Psalm 50 the LORD shines forth from Zion while in Psalm 102 the LORD appears in glory and builds up Zion.  In Psalm 50 a devouring fire goes before the not silent LORD while in Psalm 46 the LORD utters His voice and the earth melts.  So while we can limit our view in a short psalm, we can also cross reference to other similar psalms and expand our view exponentially. 


This brings me to my next step in this series.  I have already blogged about Psalm 110-118 which I believe and have demonstrated is one psalm with many stanzas.  I term it the Great Messianic Opus.  I may revisit that set of psalms for the purpose of this series.  For now, I’m turning my attention to another set of psalms that I believe are one in nature.  I believe that Psalm 92-97 is one psalm.  I also believe that Psalm 98-99 is one psalm which echoes the end portion of the previous psalm as sort of a refrain.  98-99 is a parallel to 96-97.  The similarities are too great to deny.


Thus far I have kept the scope of each psalm quite limited in nature.  Here, I intend to cross reference the other psalms which I have already blogged about.  Two quick examples will suffice.  In Psalm 94:1, it states, “God of vengeance, shine forth.”  This parallels Psalm 50 which states, “God shines forth.”  In Psalm 94:2 it states, “Rise up, O judge of the earth.”  This was stated in Psalm 102 as “You will arise and have mercy on Zion.”  Hopefully, I can weave other prophetic texts into this particular apocalypse.


In case you are wondering, I have a title for Psalm 92-97.  I call it The Apocalypse of the Sabbath.  That’s pretty much the title the psalmist gave it.  After reading my posts on it, I hope you understand why.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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