Live like a 7th Day Adventist?

I have become somewhat of what most people would term "a health food nut" over the past few years.  I have come to some conclusions concerning the way God created us and food.  God created us to function by eating the fruits of the earth.  God did not create us to function by eating man made chemicals.  I like to read about what different news reports say concerning the subjects of eating right, staying healthy, and avoiding sickness.
I was surprised when I clicked on a secular news report to find that one of the top ten things to do to live beyond 100 years old is to live like a Seventh Day Adventist.  The central idea which the report focuses on is that they "cherish the body that’s on loan from God".  They did not specifically mention resting one day per week, but focused on abstaining from bad habits, engaging in good eating habits on par with a vegetarian diet, and being involved with family and community.
Some of the other categories which were not surprising to me were exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and eating things that are good for you like fruits and vegetables which contain plenty of vitamins and minerals.  There were a couple of surprises though.  I didn’t think that flossing every day, not retiring, and being a creature of habit would make the top ten things to help you live to be 100 years old.
I haven’t arrived at the place where I don’t eat any sweets.  I still go out to eat occasionally, although I realize restaurant food is simply not healthy no matter what the news might say.  I still like pot lucks which specialize in lots of pastas, meats, and desserts and very few fresh fruits and vegetables.  But my eating habits are quite different overall from what they were five years ago.  I have seen a great improvement in my health, a decrease in the amount of headaches that I get, and a decrease in the amount of times that I take ill.
Click here for more, and don’t forget to read page two which contains the comments concerning religious living.
Have fun and eat healthy – I Timothy 4:3  (Remember, it’s what God created, not man)
-The Orange Mailman
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