Foot Washer

Thank you Gentle Savior for stooping down to wash my filthy feet with your healing hands.  You humiliate yourself when you do the lowliest, dirtiest jobs like washing my smelly feet.  You are my Creator and LORD.  I should be bowing before You, yet You bow yourself before me with basin and towel to do for me what I cannot do for myself.


Let us not forget during this Passion Week, that the focus of Christ’s passion was us.  He had laid aside His right to His heavenly throne, heavenly riches, and even His deity, making Himself a simple servant.  Then, on the night of the last supper, He laid aside His dignity to serve as a humble example as a foot washer.


When we talk about being “like Christ”, how often do we mean being a foot washer?  How often do we think of following in His footsteps by doing the dirty little jobs for other people that they cannot do for themselves?  Do we lay aside our dignity to serve others?  Or are there certain jobs that are beneath us?  During that Passion Week, there was no job that was beneath Christ.  He stooped lower than low.  He could not have humiliated Himself more.  He played the ultimate fool.


Have fun and show the passion of Christ this week and every other week ~ Ephesians 4:32


The Orange Mailman

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