Resurrection, or Easter?

I take the funnies way too seriously.  I check every Resurrection Day to see which comics will actually mention Jesus or the resurrection, and which ones just stick with Easter bunnies, candy, and eggs.  There was lots of frivolity this year.


Cathy has a “Happy Easter” in light of the bailout.  Frazz and Hagar the Horrible are about spring.  Heathcliff has a parole officer dressed as the Easter bunny.  Ugh!


Agnes came up empty this year, which surprised me.  Easter candy is the theme, but Agnes is dressed in a ridiculous looking Easter bunny outfit which is a weird kind of funny.  Family Circus, which can be religious, has the kids pigging out on Easter candy.  For Better or For Worse has the dog eating the Easter eggs while they are at church.  So I guess the mention of church is better than nothing.   


Blondie has a pretty neat Easter egg hunt, Dagwood style though.  Dinette Set has an odd after Easter egg hunt ritual, probably only empty nesters understand.  Let me know if anybody understands.  Non Sequitur has a bizarre Easter egg hunt which may result in a trip to Tahiti.  Non Sequitur, bizarre?  Who would have thought?  Arlo and Janis has an Easter egg, and a real egg.  Surprise Arlo!  Marvin is puzzled about a deviled egg on Easter. 


In Mutts, Earl is chasing the Easter bunny as Mooch watches.  Dennis the Menace has a dream about the Easter bunny.  In Pickles, Opal writes an Easter bunny tale that Stephen King would approve of.  Rhymes With Orange has two hunters stalking an Easter egg.  Sally Forth has her usual gag of eating the ears off her daughter Hillary’s chocolate Easter bunny.  Prickly City combines tax season with a chocolate Easter bunny.


Hi and Lois has it all, Easter bunny, Easter candy, and Easter eggs, but no Jesus.


Mallard Fillmore simply prints Matthew 28:20 and mentions the name Easter.  But that’s better than all of the above.  Check it out here.


BC is the winner this year.  Kudos to Mason Mastroianni for keeping the Christian aspect that Johnny Hart began.  He has the message of forgiveness, miracles, and everlasting life in there, even though the name of Jesus isn’t mentioned or the resurrection; but forgiveness, miracles, and everlasting life are contrasted with the message of an Easter bunny, candy, and eggs.  If you’ve noticed, there isn’t much of a message in the bunny, candy, and eggs.  Check it out here.


So again, so many are celebrating Easter, so few are celebrating the resurrection.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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One Response to Resurrection, or Easter?

  1. Kathy says:

    I haven\’t read the Sunday Funnies in probably over 20 years. Sure glad BC is still getting it right, or close to it anyway.

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