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I just read a very interesting article by Brian Simmons.  Brian maintains Advanced Eschatology, but he also has another blog titled The Anti-Preterist’s Blog.  This blog focuses almost solely on the errors of Preterism.  In a post in which he describes a conversation with a Preterist, Brian touches on a truth often overlooked which I have maintained for sometime.  The nation of Israel is the wife of the LORD and of the Messiah.  In the OT it was prophesied that she would be temporarily set aside, but restored again forever.  So when we come to New Covenant prophecies about the wife of the Lamb, it is only proper to interpret this wife as Israel restored.  You can read Brian’s thoughts here, and you can read my post here.


Keith Sinclair at Heresy Watch posted a link to a video that was hilarious to watch.  I believe Keith lives in the UK and is against European Union integration.  This makes his point of view on prophecy valuable to me, being from the United States and not having to wrestle with the issue personally.  The video is a speech by parliament member Nigel Farage directed toward Prime Minister Gordon Brown.  Nigel is raking Gordon Brown over the coals for several issues including the non-referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.  Watch the video and be prepared to laugh, although Mr. Brown seems to be taking it all fairly well.  You have got to watch this display of verbal flamethrowing at this link here.


Last but not least, here is a clip from a story posted by Joel Rosenberg at his weblog. 

During a lull in the conversation with an Iraqi in the car whom I had known for several years, I asked the meek-looking and mild-mannered Pastor Shakir how he had become a Christ follower and a pastor.

“Were you raised in a Christian home?” I asked through our translator.

“No,” he replied quietly. “I was raised a Muslim.”

“Really!” I said, a bit startled. “What did you do before becoming a pastor?”

“I was a jihad cell commander.”

I gulped. You don’t say, I thought. He certainly had my full attention now. “Please, tell me your story,” I said eagerly, pulling out my notebook. Shakir graciously agreed.

He explained that he was born in 1975 to a devout Sunni Muslim family and that as he grew up he became deeply religious. Even at an early age, he loved going to the mosque regularly, and by the age of seventeen, he had joined a secret Radical Islamic movement. He studied hard and learned quickly, and before long he was teaching the Qur’an in various mosques.

“My leaders then sent me to a military training camp where I was trained to use light weapons—pistols, machine guns, and RPGs [rocket propelled grenades]—against the infidels,” he told me. “I was so excited because I wanted to do jihad for God. I was fully convinced that the Shias and the Christians were blasphemers and that if I killed them I would be blessed.”

After successfully completing “Terrorism 101,” Shakir was made a jihad cell commander and was ordered to quietly recruit other jihadists. “I soon had a group of my own followers,” he explained. “I would put them through this military training and then help them get jobs in different government offices and other shops and businesses so they could spy for me and be in position to do great damage when we launched the overthrow of Saddam and his regime.”


You definitely want to read about this man’s conversion to Christianity.  God can take the hardest heart and transform it as a testimony to His grace.  Read about Shakir’s complete story at this link here.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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