Interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar

I am posting a link to a very interesting video. This man, Adnan Oktan, was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal on March 6th, 2009.  He is a devout Muslim, but many of his beliefs may surprise you.  For instance, the occasion for this interview was what he terms, the death of Darwinism.  He vehemently opposes it, but it is so humorous because he views Darwinism, or the theory of evolution, as a thing of the past.  He has stated that Darwinism has completely collapsed.  He actually doesn’t even view evolution as a science, but more as a pagan religion.  The way he speaks of Richard Dawkins is sort of in passing, as if he is someone of no real consequence, just a priest of a pagan religion (or advocate of a primitive faith) whom he wishes to speak with to show him how he does not have to cling to his vain faith any longer.  It is pretty funny when you get to that part; how he is so serious about Dawkins and how Dawkins has absolutely nothing to offer the scientific world.  His quote, “He is not in the position of someone who has scientific evidence with which to shed light on the matter,” and others are priceless.  “Nothing about Darwinism requires one to be a scientist.”  That whole section is just hilarious.


The subtitles are necessary to understand the interview.  I tried to fast forward it at one point and lost the subtitles.  So be aware that you may have to sit and watch it straight and not be able to pick and choose.  It is almost a full hour long.  Here is the link.,_2009)


Of interest, and you may have read this, this is the man who has offered ten trillion Turkish Liras if someone will come forward with one transitional fossil to prove that species of major animals evolved.  The person conducting the interview asked if he even had ten trillion Turkish Liras.  He responds so eloquently that ten trillion Turkish Liras actually exists and can be produced, but a transitional fossil does not exist and can never be produced.  He states, “Money can be found, but not the fossil.  It is the fossil that cannot be found.  The ten trillion can be found, it can be borrowed, loans can be taken from banks…. but no transitional fossil can be found.”


However, Adnan Oktar is a Muslim.  He believes that Islam will rule the world.  But some things may surprise you.  He believes Jesus to be a true prophet who will return at the same time as the Hazrat Mahdi  (meaning Arabic Messiah).  I’m having hard time understand the differences between his terminology and the terminology I am used to.  But he believes that the Messiah Jesus will return to earth in 15-20 years, but will not remember His past life.  He will read through the major religious books, the Qur’an, the Torah, and the Gospels; then will take the Qur’an as His guide.  Of course I believe this is blasphemy, but it opens our eyes to the fact that Islam is really a Christian cult and not a separate religion altogether like Hinduism and Buddhism.  Of note, he believes in a future antichrist who will claim to be Allah and will deceive by hypnosis.  There is another being whom he refers to as the “Dajjal”, which I believe means the Arabic version of a false Messiah.


He feels it is his duty to protect the Jewish people.  He feels a great love for them because they are descended from the line of the great prophets.  His view of Christianity is strange and there may be some miscommunication.  He sees Christianity as dangerous because it teaches there will be a slaughter of all Jews apart from 144,000 at the time of the end.  He feels it is his duty to prevent any future holocaust.


His opposition is against atheist Jews who do not even believe in their own God.  He terms them “atheist Zionists” (those who believe they must occupy the promised land without having to acknowledge God.)  He makes no distinction between Allah and the God of Israel, or the God of the Bible, so that may raise a few eyebrows.  I am not admitting that Allah and the God and Father of the LORD Jesus are the same person.  Watching this video should be about learning what Muslims believe, even though we don’t agree with them.


He speaks with great knowledge of the current financial crisis (he states it began in 2007) saying it was foretold after the pattern of the famine in the days of Joseph, a seven year famine.  He shares that most people in the world are morally captive to sin and hoard assets.  They do not trust in “Allah”, otherwise they would share their wealth and feed the poor.  The Turkish-Islamic Union will wind up saving the world.  Although I was surprised how he said it will be respectful of Christianity and Judaism.  It will make these entities stronger through a spirit of peace, democracy and close cooperation. 


The first 30 minutes are the best, but if you stay tuned to the end, you find out where he believes the capital of the Turkish-Islamic Union will be when it rules the world.  Take one guess.  Come one, take a guess.  He believes that Turkey will be the head of the Islamic Union and that the Mahdi will be from Turkey.  Tony Blair and Sarkozy get a mention at the end as well.


Did you guess where that capital is yet?


One more news link.  Hamas is reorganizing.  A tunnel being dug to replace the others that Israel destroyed collapsed the other day.  These types of new items seem to escape the high profile news.  People would rather read about how Israel doesn’t want to recognize the territories of Palestine as official countries since there is no organized government and terrorists are using that land as a base where they have sworn to commit genocide.  Here is the link.


Something interesting that I was pondering is the fact that in the Bible, the Philistines never had an organized country.  They were simply the Philistines and were a thorn in the side to Israel.  Not much has changed in 3000 years.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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2 Responses to Interview with Mr. Adnan Oktar

  1. Unknown says:

    You should read Joel Rosenberg\’s(sp) books regarding Islam and what they believe about the end times. Their Mahdi appears to be set up to be the anti-Christ, with the prophet Jesus as the "False Prophet." Islam\’s end times parallels Revelations. Their teachings are just the opposite of ours. I believe Islam is the anti-Christ religion and brings about desolation and abominations. Look at their history. Bless you!

  2. Darrin says:

    Hello. Thanks for the comment. I\’ve been following Joel\’s weblog for a little while now, but I haven\’t read his books. I have a general idea of where he is coming from. I\’m not sure exactly what role I believe Islam will play in the end times religion, but if you believe that mystery Babylon plays a role in that, it must be something that extends back further than Islam\’s existence. The great prostitute is guilty of the blood of the prophets (Rev. 18:24) as well as all martyrs of Jesus (Rev. 17:6).Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13-The Orange Mailman

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