Back in the Saddle

It felt good to be back on the bicycle as I pedaled into work on Wednesday and Thursday.  It has been pretty warm during the days here, but at nights it was dropping into the 30s.  On Wednesday and Thursday it started out at 70 here and rose into the 80s.  I also busted out the shorts on my route as well.  That proved to be inspiring to those on my route who view the mailman wearing shorts to be a sign of warmer weather.


To all of my adoring fans, thank you for the helpful hints that you yell out your car window as you drive by.  “Get off the road!” is a good one.  But my favorite is “Use the sidewalk!” especially on sections of road where there is no sidewalk.  The display of your ambiguous perspicacity concerning the traffic laws of Michigan helps me to realize that taking Driver’s Education out of the public schools was not the solution.


On my first day in, there was a strong headwind which made for difficult pedaling for legs that haven’t done it since last fall.  It was a good thing I left early that first day.  My second day in I did much better, but I left slightly late, (but I’m blaming that on my wife.)  When I got to work, I ran upstairs to my locker, changed clothes as fast as I could and ran back down with my shirt untucked, shoes untied, and ID badge still in pocket and barely clocked in on time.


Since it’s 9 miles one way, I’ve already got 36 miles in with many more to go LORD willing.  VAVAVOOOOM!


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman


P.S.  The beard is gone.  I’m looking in the mirror and saying, “Who IS that guy?”  Half the people on my route thought they got a new carrier my first day with it off.

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