International Jerusalem?

I point you in the direction of another news article which shows that Jerusalem may indeed be internationalized.  The unique thing about this article is that it is coming right from Israel and the former prime minister, Ehud Olmert.  This type of language has usually come from the United Nations or the quartet, but now coming from a major leader within the state of Israel itself?  Wow!
Apparently, Olmert discussed this with Abbas during negotiations, but he failed to "get permission" to put this out on the table.  So this is not coming from the current prime minister, but was discussed by Olmert after his departure had become imminent.  I encourage you to read about it at this link here.  Remember, we need to keep our eyes on Jerusalem.  The final 3 1/2 years of this age will consist of Jerusalem being trampled down by Gentile nations, Revelation 11:1-3.  This is also a characteristic which is all throughout this current time, Luke 21:24.
Have fun and pray for the peace of Jerusalem – Psalm 122:6
-The Orange Mailman
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