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The Restrainer, Angelic Being Working through Human Government

I have a position on the restrainer of II Thessalonians 2:6-7 that I don’t know if anyone else shares.  This topic has been of much interest to me because many Pre-Tribbers see this as a proof text for a pre-trib … Continue reading

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Peter echoes Jeremiah?

I’m reading through Jeremiah.  I was struck with Jeremiah’s admonition for Israel to return to the LORD in direct connection to blessings on the surrounding nations.  Here is the passage.  I include 3:25 because it accurately reflects Israel’s repentance in … Continue reading

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New Heavens, New Earth, New Jerusalem ~ All PreMill

My views on the new heavens and new earth are not usually shared by other Pre-Millennialists.  I view the new heavens and new earth as occurring at the beginning of Messiah’s millennial reign.  This new heavens and new earth will … Continue reading

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New Leaven

I’m going to make a recommendation for a blog that I’ve been reading for about two years.  New Leaven is written by TC Robinson.  I’ve had some interaction with TC concerning the kingdom of God and he seemed open to … Continue reading

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Living in the light of the coming Messianic Kingdom

God has an agenda with this earth.  God has His heart set on transforming this world into something pleasing to Him.  God intends to transform society itself into something which reflects His glory.  God has in mind that there will … Continue reading

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Postal Decline

The economy is affecting the Postal Service too.  We are not exempt.  Combined with faster cheaper ways to communicate, the economic slowdown has slowed down our income.  Less people are mailing things.  That means less money to operate.  Our local … Continue reading

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Kingdom Continuity

I’ve made it no secret that I have issues with the way that both dispensationalists and covenant theologians approach the scriptures.  My last post probably had CT scratching their heads wondering if I had even read the epistles which state … Continue reading

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Living in the shadow of the Messianic Kingdom

Based on Psalms 45, 46, 50, 72, and 102 as a foundation, we saw the Messiah and His kingdom being established here on the earth.  Then we took an extended tour of The Apocalypse of the Sabbath which is Psalm … Continue reading

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Real World Mailman

Mail Carriers deliver in the real world.  I’m reminded of that today as I ponder three quotable quotes from the route.  Well, not exactly.  Two of them are notes that I found on mailboxes, and the other is from another … Continue reading

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Jesus/Apostles’ View of Law, Psalms, Prophets

How did Jesus and the apostles view the law, psalms, and prophets?  There was a school of rabbinic thought concerning the Messiah at the time the Messiah began His ministry.  Rather than discard this paradigm, Jesus and the apostles embraced … Continue reading

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