Real World Mailman

Mail Carriers deliver in the real world.  I’m reminded of that today as I ponder three quotable quotes from the route.  Well, not exactly.  Two of them are notes that I found on mailboxes, and the other is from another carrier while delivering on his route.  First things first.


About 4 months back as I got up to this house which has 3 apartments in it, I saw a note taped to the mailbox of apartment #1.  Now this apartment had been quite interesting.  There were quite a few people all living together.  One person told me that another had been stealing their SSI checks.  Another that had been living there had been asking me for a change of address form about once per week.  So as I saw the note, I thought to myself that it was probably a request for another change of address form.  When I got up to the box though, this is what it said:


Mailman, PLZ call police.  I have a WNT out for my arrest and I have to do my time in jail.


There was a name signed at the bottom.  I did call the police, they showed up, showing to me that there was indeed a warrant out for that person’s arrest.  The note was great.  I taped it up to my case at work where my co-workers could view it.  The only thing that still leaves me curious is if the person whose name was signed actually wrote the note, or if their roommate wrote it just to get them out of the house for a few days while they were in jail.


Then on Wednesday (July 1st), I found another note on a mailbox.  This is what it said:


Postal Puke – Please close mailbox so mail doesn’t get wet.  It has been raining.


Just a note, the previous day had been my day off.  My sub delivered and, yes, it had been raining on that day.  I don’t know for certain what transpired, but my sub and I both agreed that this particular customer leaves their mail in the box for at least a week at a time in most cases.  So I took the warrant note down.  Postal Puke is now up at my case.


My next door neighbor (the carrier whose case is right next to mine) thought both notes were great.  When I changed notes, I told him he had to check out the new one.  He laughed out loud.  But then he had a story which made me laugh out loud.


He said that as he took his last ten minute break on the street that a fellow came riding his bicycle right up to his truck.  He started asking for some money, which is not uncommon when you are a mail carrier in a low income neighborhood, just so that you all know.  But the way this fellow presented it came off a little different.  He said, “Hey I don’t have any family around here, you know, so I was wondering if I could get, like, a dollar and fifteen cents so I could buy myself a forty ouncer of milk.” 


For those of you who may not be aware, milk doesn’t come in forty ouncers.  But another certain beverage does.  Made me laugh out loud.  When I laughed out loud at the comment, my neighbor said, “That was my exact reaction when he said it to me.”


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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2 Responses to Real World Mailman

  1. Kathy says:

    My husband and I enjoyed this story…made us laugh… My husband was a truck driver before he retired and has all kinds of interesting and funny stories regarding people he ran into…not literally of course…

  2. Darrin says:

    Hey, glad you enjoyed it. I\’ll have to work in other stories from the route occasionally and take a prophecy chill pill.You know, some of those stories your husband has might make good material for your blog.Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13-The Orange Mailman

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