Postal Decline

The economy is affecting the Postal Service too.  We are not exempt.  Combined with faster cheaper ways to communicate, the economic slowdown has slowed down our income.  Less people are mailing things.  That means less money to operate.  Our local paper just did a story on why the office hours are changing.  If you would like to read the story, just follow this link here.
The pictures of the carriers and clerks in this article are my co-workers.  Ti-Anna is actually my swing carrier filling in for me once per week on my regular day off.  Since we still have six day mail delivery, each carrier has a rotating day off.  Their swing carrier fills in for them on that day along with four other routes that they have on their swing assignment.  If the Postal Service goes to five day delivery, all these swing positions will be eliminated.  Each carrier with a swing for their assignment will have to take a regular route.  It would eliminate one sixth of all carrier positions in our office.  Note that this is how city carriers work their rotation; rural carriers have a different system.  Ron is one of the carriers who helped train me when I first tranferred to this office since I was a clerk before my transfer.  Mike’s brother, Maurice, is also a city carrier with whom I work.  Charles used to a be a clerk, but put in for the supervisor position when about two thirds of the clerk positions in our office were eliminated when the jobs shifted to another larger office.
The picture which shows the flagpole out front points out where we have prayed a couple of times on the National Day of Prayer.  At first, the postmaster (same one mentioned in the article) said that we could not pray in front of the flagpole.  After we told him that no law prohibited us from doing so and that we wanted him to check into it, he came back and told us that we could.  When I say "us", I mean a handful of carriers who are Christians.  One time we had 9, two other times we had 3.
It seems like the internet is the way of the future, but let me put in a plug for USPS and my job.  The postal service is cheaper and quicker but most people usually don’t realize it.  There are so many ways to ship through USPS that folks just don’t know about.  For instance, there are prepaid priority boxes with an established rate for each size.  It doesn’t matter how much weight you put in them, as long as it doesn’t exceed 70 lbs., the rate is the same.  People can set up an account to print postage online and have packages picked up right from their home.  Many times there is a discount for printing your postage online, especially for Express Mail.  The stamps-by-mail program allows people to order stamps through the mail and have them delivered to their house.  Nobody has to wait in line for postage.  Mail carriers make the rounds every day so take advantage of it
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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