New Leaven

I’m going to make a recommendation for a blog that I’ve been reading for about two years.  New Leaven is written by TC Robinson.  I’ve had some interaction with TC concerning the kingdom of God and he seemed open to what I’ve had to say.  His posts are usually well written, thought provoking, and slightly on the controversial side.  The post which tipped the scales to provoke me to officially recommend his blog and include it on my favorites is his latest post entitled The Rapture could be a Bad Idea…
In this post, TC explains that dispensationalism has some issues.  The three that he cites are his views on the Kingdom of God, Pre-Tribbers being escapists, and there being only one people of God.  Since I’ve been blogging about the Kingdom of God and the Messianic Kingdom foretold in the psalms, let me quote his views on the kingdom of God.
(a) Messiah brought back the Kingdom of God.  It was seen in his mission and person.
(b) The Kingdom created the church, the new people of God in the world, to advance the cause of the Kingdom here and now.
(3) The Kingdom will achieve its final stage at the Millennium.
I think 3 is supposed to be c, or perhaps a and b are supposed to be 1 and 2.  But aside from that, these are very solid premises.  The kingdom was evident in the person of Messiah, in the ministry of the disciples, and in the life of the early church.  The church is not the establishment of the kingdom, but is established by the kingdom to do kingdom work.  The kingdom will be ultimately realized during the 1000 years.  This is solid ground which doesn’t require straining any texts.
TC, as a Historic PreMillennialist, welcome to my position.  I appreciate your citation of Ladd, whose material I believe hits the mark in many areas.  Also, welcome to my favorites.  And also, remember to have fun and stay busy.
-The Orange Mailman
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