Millennium Podcast

Note to those browsing these old articles.  Brian Simmons no longer maintains the blog mentioned here, but the links still work to access this podcast.  Updated 5/12/11.

I send out a very special thanks to Brian Simmons for his efforts in bringing another podcast to you.  Brian maintains The Anti-Preterist’s Blog and extended another invitation to me to do a second podcast, this time focusing on the millennium.  He noticed my recent post on the new heavens, new earth, and the New Jerusalem which intrigued him.  Brian did the hard work of recording, editing, and uploading the audio to the internet, while all I did was talk on the phone.


I must say that blogging is less threatening than podcasting.  Here as I type my blog I can take my time, fix mistakes, and work through difficult wording; but in a podcast, it’s quite different.  I’m thankful that Brian is an old pro and kept the conversation steered in the right direction.  I was less than satisfied with my explanation of the millennium at the beginning, but I think I made up for it later when I explained about the New Jerusalem here on earth during the millennium.  I tried not to say ummm a whole lot, but what do you say when you’re trying to articulate something good?  Hopefully you listeners will be blessed in spite of our humanity.


Just like last time, Brian threw me a curve ball.  This time the unexpected question was about Mystery Babylon.  My ideas are speculative, but they are rooted in scripture.  Time will tell if things will come together as I describe in the podcast.  I was also a bit surprised that Brian asked about people being deceived by the coming rule of the antichrist.  I set forth a few things there that I’ve not intimated here on my blog.  The podcast is 33 minutes total, so it’s a bit shorter than the last one, and I think a bit more focused.


Listen to the podcast by clicking on this link here.

Or download it here.


Thanks again Brian.  It really was fun.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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