Cathedral Made of People

I got a great new album by Downhere entitled Ending is Beginning.  There is not one single song on this recording that I don’t like.  For those of you who have heard Here I Am playing on the radio, there are twelve more great songs, including My Last Amen which is just starting to get some airplay.  I’d like to blog about every single song, but there is one particular song that I want to share here because of the nature of the application.  Just read these verses to the song Cathedral Made of People.



If they shut down the churches
Where would you go?
If they melted all the stained glass windows
Replaced every sanctuary with a condo
Where would you go?
Where would you go?

If they burned every Bible
What would you know?
If they tore your marked up pages
How would you grow?
And declared your devotion

To be criminal
What would you know?
What would you know?

When they throw you in prison
What will you do?
When they hate you for the things

That you know are true
They can tear down this temple
But they can’t touch you

We are a cathedral made of people
In a kingdom that the eye can’t see
We’re a house we are the bride
Where God’s Spirit lives inside
And nothing ever could

Stand against her



There is a simple application which we would do well to take heed.  We should not put our trust in buildings.  We should not take our freedom of religion for granted.  We do not need Bibles with passages underlines in them.  The early church had none of these things.  They didn’t have church buildings, freedom of religion, or printed Bibles.  Yet the early church thrived.  Their faith was not in the material, but in Jesus Christ.


But is there something else here?  Are the fellows from Downhere prophetically trying to send a message for what may be coming soon?  This song really should shake us up.  The day could be fast approaching when church buildings will be burned, when we will be thrown into prisons for our faith, and when we don’t even have printed copies of the Word of God.  But even though these things may come, our faith should still remain strong.


Get the CD, you won’t regret it.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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