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ACFHP ~ Judaism and the World to Come

The third chapter (or essay) in A Case For Historic Premillennialism is Judaism and the World to Come by Helene Dallaire.  At first I thought I would not enjoy this chapter based on the title which was selected to represent … Continue reading

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Has anyone heard about this?  I have not read one single news article nor heard anything on the television or radio.  Yet as a mail carrier, I see it is happening every day.  There is a government program which is … Continue reading

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Millenniarian Views

After Brian Simmons and I ended the last podcast we did, we had a brief conversation about a book entitled Millennarian Views: With Reasons For Receiving Them by Alfred Bryant.  While Brian did not come out and say that I … Continue reading

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Heroes Adrift

Star Wars fans, I think you will enjoy this video clip.  At a men’s retreat, I met a fellow who said he is a film producer.  In his spare time, just because his crew was bored, they made a fan … Continue reading

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ACFHP ~ The Future Written in the Past

A Case for Historic Premillennialism The Future Written in the Past The Old Testament and the Millennium Richard S. Hess   The second chapter in the book A Case for Historic Premillennialism is titled The Future Written in the Past … Continue reading

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Firstfruits and Harvest by Brian Simmons

Brian Simmons has a great post entitled Firstfruits and Harvest.  The subject relates to the physical resurrection from the dead of Jesus and then later His saints.  If Jesus is the firstfruits, then the saints will be resurrected in the … Continue reading

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Do you have any pain in there?

It’s time for some more quotable quotes from the route.  Sometimes it’s a laugh a minute out there.  There are all types of people in the world.  Not least of which is this one fellow who doesn’t seem to have … Continue reading

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Parallel Passages

I’m going to post a scripture and I want you to think of where in the Bible you have seen this.  Without internet help, utilizing a computer program, or assistance from a concordance, use your Bible to try to locate this passage.  Here … Continue reading

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ACFHP ~ Millennialist Movements

The first chapter in the book A Case for Historical Premillennialism is titled Dispensational and Historic Premillennialism as Popular Millennialist Movements.  This chapter seeks to understand why certain movements within the Premillennial position are more popular than others.  Prophecy as … Continue reading

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Poor Wayfaring Stranger on 9/11

Poor Wayfaring Stranger   Today on the eight year anniversary of 9/11, I did not have to remind postal management to give an announcement for a moment of silence.  About three or four years back, none of the supervisors knew … Continue reading

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