Has anyone heard about this?  I have not read one single news article nor heard anything on the television or radio.  Yet as a mail carrier, I see it is happening every day.  There is a government program which is distributing cell phones to qualifying people free of charge to them.  Yes, you’ve heard about cash for clunkers, you’ve heard about socialized medicine, but have you heard about Obamaphones?

The way it works, from my mail carrier perspective, a notice is sent to the household stating that they qualify for a free phone.  Some of these notices are being sent to people who haven’t lived there for over three years.  So the income records that they are based on could be way out of date.  There is a phone number to call, or one can go to the internet.  After they register, they wait about two weeks and then a free cell phone is sent to them.  From what I see they are originating out of Indiana from a company called Safelink (I think).  They are given 70 minutes of service per month and if they do not use them, they roll over.  Yes – they accumulate.

I’ve delivered about 100 on my route alone over the past two months.  They come in waves.  I won’t get any for a couple days, and then I’ll get 6-8 all at once.  There is a stipulation that only one phone will be sent out per household.  This has caused many to use alternate addresses for the place where their free cell phone is sent thereby circumventing the system.  Some have even tried to have them sent to vacant houses, but that usually doesn’t fly with mail carriers.

The information here is what I have gathered just talking to other mail carriers and customers on my route.  I haven’t read any news articles and may be slightly mistaken about certain things.  But one thing is for certain, the government is providing cell phones to people free of charge.  If my route has had 100, multiply that by 90, which is the number of routes in the mid sized town that I live in.  Then take all the other mid sized towns, the small towns, the large cities, and the metropolises and figure out just how much the government is spending of your money for this Obamaphone program.  Then try to figure out how they are paying for 70 minutes of service each month for these people as well.

Who thinks this stuff up anyway?

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

P.S.  Another mail carrier told me he had someone shout to him, “Hey, do you have my Obamaphone yet?”  That’s what they’re calling them on the street.

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4 Responses to Obamaphones

  1. Kathy says:

    Heard it first from you Darrin! Crazy! I\’ll really get worried if the government starts passing out houses…or wait, maybe it\’s already done that??? At least you won\’t have to lug those around in your mail bag…

  2. Darrin says:

    That\’s funny. "I\’m sorry, ma\’am, I don\’t seem to have a house for you in my mail bag today. Maybe it will come tomorrow."

  3. Overcomer says:

    My blog is doing something funny…it says this is your most recent post, from my blog. I deleted the link and reposted it, and it still comes up this…weird…

  4. That’s because I edited it. I added some tags hoping to get more hits since there was an article published titled Obamaphones. It’s working. I got you to bite.

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