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Sir Malcolm & the Missing Prince

Being on Lamplighter’s mailing list is fun.  Mark Hamby has great insights, funny stories, and sometimes reviews on which Lamplighter books would be a good fit for you to read.  This past eNewsletter, there was a pretty funny video on … Continue reading

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ACFHP ~ The Theological Method of Premillennialism

The fifth essay in the book A Case For Historic Premillennialism is titled The Theological Method of Premillennialism by Don J. Payne.  This chapter introduces what the idea of a theological method in general is, and then proceeds to define … Continue reading

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Trouble in the Holy City

So what’s new?  There’s been trouble in Jerusalem for thousands of years.  Yet we should keep our eyes on Jerusalem as Jesus had specific prophecies regarding this city which would continue until the end of this age, Luke 21:24.  What’s … Continue reading

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Searches leading to The Orange Mailman

I check the stats page on my blog occasionally.  When I do, I find it interesting when some search engine has led to The Orange Mailman.  What I find more interesting is the wording that some person has typed into … Continue reading

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Red Sea Repeat

Armageddon will be a type of Red Sea Repeat.  There are a lot of misunderstandings about Armageddon.  Some think that Jesus comes back and simply annihilates everybody left on the earth.  That’s not true.  What actually happens is that Jesus … Continue reading

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ACFHP ~ The Posttribulationalism of the New Testament

The fourth chapter in A Case for Historic Premillennialism is The Posttribulationalism of the New Testament, Leaving “Left Behind” Behind by Craig Blomberg.  This chapter has some good insights, but from my point of view being a PreWrather, the arguments … Continue reading

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By Him all things consist

While at a men’s retreat a couple of weekends ago, there was a Bible study led by the servant in charge on Thursday evening when only a handful of men had arrived.  The text was Colossians 1.  The study focused … Continue reading

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a genuine smile

The most beautiful garment that a lady can put on is a genuine smile.   The LORD gave me this quote a couple of weeks ago while I was pondering the dress (or lack of dress) by certain ladies on … Continue reading

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The Antichrist Must Come First by George H Fromow

I only subscribe to two periodicals.  The first is Zion’s Fire (bi-monthly) which is a publication of Zion’s Hope, Inc.  The second is Watching and Waiting (quarterly) published by Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony, see link to the right.  I always … Continue reading

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