The Antichrist Must Come First by George H Fromow

I only subscribe to two periodicals.  The first is Zion’s Fire (bi-monthly) which is a publication of Zion’s Hope, Inc.  The second is Watching and Waiting (quarterly) published by Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony, see link to the right.  I always look forward to both publications with great delight.  In Watching and Waiting, the July/September 2009 issue, there is an article by George Fromow entitled The Antichrist Must Come First.  SGAT lists his life as being from 1888 through 1974.  My guess is that the article was written after WWII and therefore after the re-formation of Israel as a nation.  The concepts of Fascism are written within the article.


The points which jumped out at me concern the nature of the end times empire which will be led by the antichrist.  The author leans toward a Babylonian type Empire with Babylon as its capital.  For those who lean towards a Revived Roman Empire, read his thoughts and see how he comes to his conclusions before dismissing them.  You may find yourself agreeing with certain aspects of his point of view.  I will have comments interspersed throughout his article, in orange of course.




The Antichrist Must Come First

By George H Fromow


We will seek to show from Scripture:

1.  The future United States of parts of Europe, Asia and Africa, which Antichrist will control. 

2.  The future Antichrist to whom this federation will yield authority.

3.  Babylon, which is yet to be his capital.

4.  All this must precede the return of our Lord.

            Our Lord gives two major signs which will mark His near approach, in the Olivet discourse of Matthew 24 and 25, in answer to the question, ‘What shall be the sign of Thy coming and of the end of the age?’

1.  ‘The abomination of desolation in the holy place.’

2.  ‘The great tribulation.’

            He bids us read and understand Daniel as to these.  Thus we find that the visions and prophecies of Daniel lead up to these concluding points of the age.


The United States of the Prophetic Earth

            Daniel defines for us the area of which prophecy treats, and we are not aware that prophecy speaks in any detail of lands outside the Danielic area.  His prophetic chapters lead up to the Ten Kings, the Antichrist, the Abomination, the Tribulation.

Chapter 2.  The metallic image of four parts sets out the empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome; the two legs the division of the Roman Empire; and the ten toes the division into ten confederate states, five in the east and five in the west.  The smiting stone is Christ’s coming kingdom.  The clay-iron character we see as meaning democracy, or constitutional monarchy, but godless.  There has been progressive development of this system of government, more intensive as the age progresses.


I have believed for some time that the devaluation of metals denotes the progression from true monarchy (gold) down to democracy (clay).  The steps along the way have included monarchy with advisors in Medo-Persia, Esther 1:13-15, democracy with a military dictator, then representative democracy (republic) with the Roman Senate electing each emperor.  Clay is the next step down in that progression to where we are today with Germany, France, and many other nations with soft government.


Chapter 7.  The four wild beasts correspond to the four parts of the image; and the ten horns with the ten toes.  Out from among the ten springs the ‘little horn,’ who is against God, Christ, Truth, Israel, and the saints.  These ten kings must precede the ‘little horn.’


This is well said and accurately reflects the progression in Daniel 7:8.  Three of the ten could not fall before the little horn unless the ten had arisen previous to the appearance of the little horn.  Many believe that antichrist will come and form a ten nation confederacy, but they have those two points out of order.  The ten nations appear first, then antichrist after that.


Chapter 8.  The scope of the teaching is concentrated on two of the four empires, both eastern – the ram of Medo-Persia and the goat of Greece.  The ‘little horn’ is seen coming from a state which is one of the ten Roman and one of the four Grecian power, so it partakes of the marks of both Rome and Greece.  The eastern half always was the more important and will again be so in the end-time.


Here the author drives home a sharp point.  He considerably narrows down the field from whence the antichrist arises.  He will rise not only from the old Roman Empire, but specifically from within the portion which belonged to the Greek Empire.  Take a look at a map of the Greek Empire and you’ll see the problem with viewing the European Union as a spawning place for the antichrist.  Either is technically possible, but let’s keep scripture as our guide and not the latest developments in political news.


            The coming united states, then, will be partly of Europe, partly of Asia and partly of North Africa.  We do well to speak of ‘final federation of the fourth empire’ rather than of the ‘Roman Empire.’  It will be more Babylonian then Roman.


Here I point to the Roman Empire at its height.  It was basically the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.  This is what the author is proposing and I do not think he is out of line.


Chapter 7, verses 12 and 13, first name ‘the transgression of desolation.’

Chapter 9, in a chronological way, leads us to the same points, and in verse 27 ‘the abomination of desolation’ of Matthew 24:15.

Chapter11:31, refers also to an idol in the temple as ‘the abomination that maketh desolate.’

Chapter 12:11, is the fourth and last mention of ‘the abomination that maketh desolate.’

            So then the abomination or idol is erected by the Antichrist, and is the immediate cause of the final great tribulation and marks its commencement.  Thus the tribulation, the ten kingdoms, and the Antichrist must precede our Lord’s return, and assumes Israel in the land with the temple rebuilt.


The Future Antichrist

            He has some twenty-two names and titles in Scripture.  He rises as one of the Roman ten kingdoms and one of the Grecian four.  A ‘little horn,’ he waxes great towards the east, towards the south and towards the pleasant land; i.e. towards Syria, Egypt and Palestine.  He becomes king of Syria, Tyre, Assyria, Nineveh, and ultimately king of Babylon.


Here’s a new concept for me.  I must give this some thought.  Previously, I had thought that passages like Ezekiel 28 would be figuratively fulfilled in the antichrist without him having to be king or prince over Tyre.  This is a more literal view.  All these passages which have antichrist as a type will be fulfilled literally.  He arises as literal prince or king over these very dominions which were prophesied.  Incorporating all these passages literally into our eschatology would lean our view of the end times empire severely to the east.


            He is latitudinarian at first, upholding the ‘scarlet woman,’ an amalgamation of religions somewhat like the ‘World Fellowship of Faiths,’ the harlot of Revelation 17.  When he is manifested as the ‘wild beast,’ as in Revelation 13, he will destroy her.  In other words, he will destroy all organized religion in his realm, even latitudinarian religion, and command worship towards himself, while he himself will worship the Devil.


Hopefully you readers are keeping abreast with events concerning the Alliance of Civilization.  This entity could prove to be the vehicle through which these ideas above will be fulfilled.


            Thus the ‘little horn’ of Daniel (chapters 7 and 8) becomes the King of Babylon of Isaiah (chapters 13 and 14); the Antichrist of  1 and 2 John; the Man of sin of 2 Thessalonians 2; the Wild Beast of Revelation 13.



Babylon becomes his capital.  Babylon, named some 296 times in the Bible, is doubtless the Euphrates city some 280 times.  What of the ten in the Revelation?

            In chapter 17, Babylon is called ‘mother of the harlots and of the abominations of the earth;’ Romanism and the papacy are doubtless daughters, even as many other false cults and religious systems, but the mother is Babylon.  Babylon!  How can B-a-b-y-l-o-n spell R-o-m-e?

            Therefore we conclude that the Babylon chapters such as Isaiah 13 and 14, Jeremiah 50 and 51, Zechariah 5, Revelation 17 and 18, await fulfillment at the time and in the circumstances depicted in those chapters; even at the time of the deliverance of Israel, universal earthquakes and heavenly convulsions, the overthrow of the Antichrist and the return of the Messiah.


Here is another more literal view than what I usually encounter.  Babylon is literal Babylon, not strictly a spiritual system.  The author doesn’t rule out the inclusion of the papacy or Romanism in the final empire, he just puts it in a different perspective.  Babylon is the mother and these others are daughters.  Surely they will be included, but as a part of an entire world system centered in literal Babylon.  Again I find this worthy of consideration.


These Events Must Come First


            The facts of prophecy outlined here should teach us some most important lessons:

1.  Warnings as to the danger of deception.  It cannot be that after the dawn of the morning of His coming that the deepest darkness arises!  The blackness of the night of ‘man’s day’ must come first.  We need to ‘take heed.’

            Rising latitudinarian, anti-Christian lawlessness is already upon us.  It will be democratic, not dictatorial.  It will be humanistic, not Fascist.  It will be constitutional, not Communistic; before the Antichrist is finally manifest.  It will, ‘if it were possible, deceive the very elect!’

            Nazism, Fascism, Sovietism, are not likely to deceive the very elect, but a united states sponsored by great souls of humanistic character, is far more likely to deceive many, especially when it is supported by the apostate churches and by false cults such as Freemasonry with its theosophic teaching.  ‘What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch!’ – be awake!


Here is another view that we should be aware of.  To think that this end times system which will dominate the world will not come about by military force, but by the welcome of humanity in general is a frightening thought indeed.  To think that men will come forward with new laws thinking they are doing what is right and best for our planet is eye opening indeed.  The progression of government especially in democracies should be watched.  We need not worry, but we should be wary.  The author is saying we should not watch for the military might or forced oppression, but watch for the sinful consensus that will exist in democratic unions across the globe.  In short, be aware of churches en masse flocking to support the government in its latest endeavors.


2.  These facts do not detract from the ‘Blessed Hope.’  It is not only when our Lord returns, but what will then happen, and in what state we are found then that matters.  Distance and intervening events do not affect it radically.

            If Daniel, Paul, Peter, B. W. Newton, George Muller, and a host beside, were not deterred from looking for the ‘Blessed Hope,’ why the saints of today and why the tribulation saints?


This is what will make the Blessed Hope a blessed event.  The world will be experiencing the tribulation, which will be welcomed by the world in general, but will bring martyrdom to the church.  The church’s Blessed Hope will rest in the glorious appearing of our Great God and Saviour Jesus Christ in the midst of that difficult hour.


3.  Israel will be seen in the light of Divine Covenant purpose.  We shall be guarded against anti-Semitism in all its forms.  We shall understand her present dereliction, as set aside ‘under the law.’  We shall anticipate her blessings, as promised under the Covenant of Grace.


This is a poetic way to word the relationship between the covenants and Israel.  Surely there is more to be said.  Perhaps I’ll buy a book by the author to understand his views better.


4.  This teaching shows time still for evangelism.  Such passages as Matthew 28:18-20; 24:14; Acts 1:8; Acts 15:14, are still in force and only practical obedience can see the measure of their fulfillment in the Church’s present experience.

5.  Current world events among Israel, Christendom, and the nations will be understood in the light of the prophetic lamp, 1 Peter 1:19.


Here is a great hope.  Some maintain that there have been secret dealings that have already brought about prophetic fulfillment without the general knowledge of the church.  I maintain that God will do nothing except He reveals it to His prophets which now are within the church.  The true church, the elect, will be aware of events that transpire and lead us into the end of the end, and I believe there will be a general consensus.


6.  Separation.  As expressed in our S.G.A.T. manifesto: ‘Spiritual apprehension of these things, by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, we deem to be essential to a complete testimony of truth, which will lead to practical separation from worldly principles, policies and pleasures, and to more loyal devotion to the Lord’s service.’

7.  We shall find fellowship with the mind of our exalted Lord, who has “Sat down on the right hand of God, from henceforth expecting till His enemies be made His footstool” (Hebrews 10:12-13).

            As He expects these things, let us expect them, look for them, await them and find our selves in measure sharing His thoughts.


So do you see why I wanted to post this?  The author has some very provoking ideas.  I have leaned towards the eastern question of the kingdom for some time, but here the idea is so drastically different that I hesitate.  Yet I can see no reason why the author is not correct in taking scripture at face value in believing it will be fulfilled literally.  George H. Fromow has a book available at SGAT.  I just might buy it.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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