Trouble in the Holy City

So what’s new?  There’s been trouble in Jerusalem for thousands of years.  Yet we should keep our eyes on Jerusalem as Jesus had specific prophecies regarding this city which would continue until the end of this age, Luke 21:24.  What’s going on at present?


It’s another skirmish between Israelites and Palestinians.  While Israel conquered the territory of Jerusalem, the authority over the temple mount remains far from their everyday maintenance.  Palestinians want a portion of Jerusalem to serve as the capitol for their future state.  Israel claims sovereignty over the city at present although they wisely delegate out the ongoing keeping of the dome of the rock to Muslims.  So there’s an obvious quandary when a clash between the two peoples breaks out.


You can read about how the Israeli police fired stun grenades at masked Palestinian protesters at this link here.  Details about how the differing sides view the temple mount are pointed out in this article.  Obviously, no resolution is even in sight concerning this huge complex Gordian Knot, unless of course you know about the plan of the Messiah.  Keep your eyes on Jerusalem.  It’s one of the centers of Biblical prophecy.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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