Sir Malcolm & the Missing Prince

Being on Lamplighter’s mailing list is fun.  Mark Hamby has great insights, funny stories, and sometimes reviews on which Lamplighter books would be a good fit for you to read.  This past eNewsletter, there was a pretty funny video on a talking bird.  You can watch The Smartest Bird Ever at this link here.


Speaking of which, I haven’t written about a Lamplighter book in quite a while.  I have read a couple, but just haven’t felt like posting a review.  This last one was pretty good though.  It is titled Sir Malcolm & the Missing Prince by Sidney Baldwin.  It was a pretty quick read for a Lamplighter book.  The plot moved along quick and you were quite connected with the growth of the main character, Prince Hubert, as he learns his lessons from the school of hard knocks.


The plot is fairly simple.  Prince Hubert is growing up to be a spoiled brat.  His father, the king, yearns for a son who would be a wise ruler for his people.  After a particularly disappointing episode in court, the king and one of his most trusted advisors, Sir Malcolm, begin to discuss what is to be done about the future of the kingdom.  Sir Malcolm asks the king for his complete trust in the situation.  The king reluctantly agreed for Sir Malcolm to have full charge of his son.  The appearance of the situation to all in the kingdom was that the prince was to attend school in a foreign land.  Instead, Sir Malcolm takes him on a foot journey through the kingdom itself.  At first, the Prince insists to everyone that his father is the king and he is the prince.  After many laugh at him, pointing out that a prince would have manners and grace, he sets aside his claims and continues on the journey with Sir Malcolm.


Sir Malcolm takes him to a village to live with Dame Martha, a simple woman with hardly any earthly possessions.  She makes her living by bartering jellies made from wild fruits, herb pillows made from wild herbs and goose feathers, and also home grown produce.  This is completely new for Prince Hubert (now referred to as Hugh realizing that no one will believe he is the prince) who had everything given to him in the palace.  Now he learns the true value of hard work.  He also learns what it means to have a serious grievance against him and the people he grows to love in the little village.


The story makes a beautiful point concerning the wisdom it takes to rule over others.  The dramatic ending makes one truly think about our relationship with our heavenly father.  You see, Prince Hubert had to come back to the palace a changed man and face his father.  This short story is not overtly Christian, but obviously has Christian principles woven throughout.  The especial idea is that of wisdom, specifically the wisdom which can stand before kings.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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