Here, teach this!

The LORD is truly working through His people to carry out the great commission.  Although I don’t blog about missionaries that frequently, I do receive updates on a couple of key missionaries that I know.  One is in Lebanon teaching the midst of Muslims at a school in the South Bekka Valley.  He mentioned that he has been subtly trying to work in quotes from Christian authors as these 11th and 12th grade students prepare for taking the SAT.  Listen to what happened.


A few weeks ago I had a talk with the principal about getting a good literature text to supplement the grammar my students get from our SAT preparation. He told me they had actually already ordered some books from the USA and were waiting for the shipment. Well, on Friday the books came in and the English coordinator gave me a copy to look over to see if I liked it. It turned out to be a Houghton-Mifflin text which uses samples of literature with study questions and activities to increase the students’ reading comprehension and active reading skills. So, there I was talking with the English coordinator (a young Sunni woman in hijab) and opened to the first lesson. The text is "Of Plymouth Plantation" by William Bradford, an overtly Puritan Christian account of the Pilgrim’s arrival on Cape Cod, giving frequent praise and thanks to the God of the Bible for his provision and faithfulness in the midst of suffering for the cause of Christ.  "Great," I thought, "This is going to lend to some great class discussion giving me many very natural opportunities to share the gospel." Then I opened the book to the second lesson: selections from "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," by Jonathan Edwards. "Yes, I think this will do just fine," (!) I said. It couldn’t get any easier than this. My Mslm Principal and Coordinator hand me a book with the first two lessons basically about God’s love, provision, disdain for sin, and forgiveness through Jesus Christ and say, "Here teach this…" Thank you for praying. God is answering.


Isn’t this amazing?  At the top of the E-Mail update there is a quote from Isaiah 29:17.  “Is it not yet a very little while until Lebanon shall be turned into a fruitful field?”  In the midst of a religion which is against the ways of Christ, God is sharing the message of the gospel because He loves us all.


Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13


-The Orange Mailman

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2 Responses to Here, teach this!

  1. Yeshua is the Lord of Glory says:

    Hi DarrenIt\’s been a while,just stopped by to say hello…Excellent excellent story!Delores

  2. Darrin says:

    Thanks, Delores. Our God is truly amazing. In the midst of religious intolerance in the Middle East, the gospel is being preached. It makes me wonder what we are so afraid of if we were to lose some religious freedoms and come under persecution.

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