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O Little Town of Bethlehem

O little town of Bethlehem,How still we see thee lie!Above thy deep and dreamless sleepThe silent stars go by;Yet in thy dark streets shinethThe everlasting Light;The hopes and fears of all the yearsAre met in thee to-night.   O morning … Continue reading

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Your Mom Won’t Like Those

I get cynical about Christmas.  Sometimes I get a little grinchy.  I get cynical about buying presents for people.  I get grouchy about keeping up appearances.  I sometimes even wonder about the so-called Spirit of Christmas.  Then when I get … Continue reading

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Obey My Voice

Obey My Voice The Foundation Stone of the Mosaic Covenant   Before getting into Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation (Jeremiah 30-33), we need to have some background information on God’s covenant plan with Israel.  Exodus 19:4-6 is the foundation stone for the … Continue reading

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Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation

Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation   Have you ever noticed how the book of Jeremiah is not in chronological order?  Since it is not in chronological order, what kind of order is it arranged in?  After examining the book, I believe it … Continue reading

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ACFHP ~ Premillennial Tensions and Holistic Missiology

The eighth and final chapter of A Case for Historic Premillennialism is entitled Premillennial Tensions and Holistic Missiology, Latin American Evangelicalism, written by Oscar A. Campos.  Before I get into the subject matter, I think it speaks well of Historic … Continue reading

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