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Forrr tho$e of g ou who ha^e been wonderrrinq “whg the [a{k of po$t$ from The Orrranqe Mai[man?”, [et me exp[ain. Z week$ aqo my {omputerrr beqan ha^inq $ome te{hnica[ diffi{ult[tie$ which [ed to a {ombination of $ome poorrr {hoi{e$ … Continue reading

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Rosenthal’s view of Revelation 14:14-16

I’ve been trying for some time to get the rest of the PreWrath community on board with seeing Revelation 14:14-16 as the rapture of the church.  It is placed squarely in between the great tribulation and the wrath of God, … Continue reading

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Sour Grapes

I want to focus on a section of the new covenant prophecy that many breeze over.  Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation consists of three major sections.  Jeremiah 30-31 ~ The New Covenant, Jeremiah 32 ~ The Everlasting Covenant, Jeremiah 33 ~ The … Continue reading

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Shiloh Love

The holiday craziness has subsided.  Blogging is a privilege, not a necessity.  So if I get busy, no blogs for my readers.  No apologies either.  I have to work, and when the snow flies, it takes more time.  But I … Continue reading

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The Time of Jacob’s Trouble

As we are studying Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation, one of the first major phrases we come to is the phrase “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble”.  Being that the phrase The Time of Jacob’s Trouble is only used one time in the … Continue reading

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