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Earthquakes are not a sign of the end

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about the recent earthquakes. There have been several notable earthquakes in the last few months. The fact that they are so widespread and not limited to one locale has many people speculating (or … Continue reading

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Prayer Hour

For those of you who are unaware, Pastor Shepherd has been evangelizing, prophesying, and saving America.  These videos that he has made will stir your heart, hopefully to give to his ministry.  As well as showing how he is saving … Continue reading

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The Background of the Davidic Covenant

The Background of the Davidic Covenant I think it is fitting that God chose Jeremiah as the one to whom He revealed the future of the Davidic Covenant in conjunction with the other facets of His covenant plan. After all, … Continue reading

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The Lost Clue

It has been nice to see the Lamplighter ministry growing. I’ve been reading Lamplighter books for ten years or so now. I started out with the Tales of the Kingdom trilogy, then began picking up the book of the year, … Continue reading

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Drug deal gone bad

The prosecutor said it was a drug deal gone bad. It made me think, do drug deals ever go good? Let me back up and explain what happened. On Wednesday of this week, as I was doing my route, the … Continue reading

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Resurrection as enthronement?

Recently, Professor J. R. Daniel Kirk wrote an article in Christianity Today entitled A Resurrection that Matters in which he describes the resurrection of Jesus as His enthronement. According to Kirk, it was only at the resurrection that Jesus became the … Continue reading

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what about the bunny?

I take the funnies way too seriously.  It’s time for my annual resurrection day comic strip review. As I’ve mentioned every year in the past, comic strips talk a whole lot about Easter bunnies, Easter candy, and Easter eggs, but … Continue reading

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The Reappearance of the Prophet Jeremiah

I recently read a fascinating article in Zion’s Fire about The Ark of the Covenant by Kevin Howard. The climax of the article involves the prophet that I have been writing a series about, the prophet Jeremiah. The climax, of … Continue reading

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