what about the bunny?

I take the funnies way too seriously.  It’s time for my annual resurrection day comic strip review. As I’ve mentioned every year in the past, comic strips talk a whole lot about Easter bunnies, Easter candy, and Easter eggs, but nobody seems to talk about the resurrection. I think this is quite typical of our culture and country. We all love the Easter bunny, putting him anywhere and everywhere, we unashamedly hold Easter egg hunts, we buy exorbitant amounts of candy (and eat it too), but only true Christians will talk about the resurrection of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. More on that in a minute.

Before I post the winner for this year’s award, I want to relay a short story that happened to me while I worked as a clerk for USPS before I became a letter carrier. I worked in a crew with other clerks so there was a chance to talk about things as we worked. I became acquainted with a group of Vietnamese who had only recently come to the United States. They seemed like a pretty tight knit group, but for some reason they liked me and opened up to me about a variety of things. I found out they were primarily Buddhists.

One time, I heard three of them talking in Vietnamese with each other. Then one of them said in English, “We could ask Darrin. He would know.” They asked me about Easter and how it started. I thought to myself, “What an opportunity!” I began rehearsing some basic facts about Jesus, the Passover, His death, and His resurrection. It only took about five minutes, but the message of the gospel was there. After I was done, they looked a little confused and then asked, “We know about that. But what about the bunny? We want to know where the bunny came from.”

I hope this sheds a little light on my passion for making Resurrection Sunday what it is really about. At that moment in time, I was so disappointed with my entire culture for elevating a bunny above the resurrection of the LORD Jesus. My passion now is to try to make this day about nothing else beside Jesus and His victory over death.

It is so interesting to see that the United States is really a pagan nation. The teaching of the bunny and eggs came out of pagan traditions surrounding fertility and the vernal equinox. Here is a brief article at this link here. So the United States of America, the supposed Christian nation, has elevated paganism above the LORD Jesus by elevating the bunny and eggs to a status which eclipses the resurrection.

This year I’m not going to go through the long list of strips that didn’t mention Easter at all. I’m not even going to mention the scores of comic strips that talked about the Easter bunny, Easter candy, and Easter eggs but failed to mention the resurrection. There was only one strip that I saw that mentioned the resurrection of Christ, and it is a forthright Christian comic strip. It is called Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop which centers around a Christian ministry which has a second hand store. It’s been quite awhile since I blogged about this strip by Kevin Frank, so many of my current readers may be completely unaware that there is a Christian comic strip out there. You can check out the strip at this link here.

My encouragement to you is to mention the resurrection on this day. Talk about with people. It’s the cornerstone of our Christian faith. Don’t let it be eclipsed.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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