Resurrection as enthronement?

Recently, Professor J. R. Daniel Kirk wrote an article in Christianity Today entitled A Resurrection that Matters in which he describes the resurrection of Jesus as His enthronement. According to Kirk, it was only at the resurrection that Jesus became the Messiah. I wouldn’t have known about this article, but TC Robinson at New Leaven (which I read on an almost daily basis) posted it and was agreeing with it. This surprised me because I usually agree with TC on just about every issue.

I decided to post a very brief disagreement and so did a couple of others. One commenter posted that he believed that the enthronement of Jesus was at the ascension, not at the resurrection. He pointed to some verses in Hebrews. I believe that the enthronement of Jesus (on the Davidic throne) will be future and stated so quite bluntly. TC responded asking me to read the article for myself . Professor Kirk himself even came on with a brief comment directed at someone else. So I read the article and you can too at this link here.  It’s four pages, but it reads very nicely.  It won’t take you long at all.

What occurred after that (at New Leaven) was a question and answer type debate between TC and myself.  I’m not going to replicate my insights into Psalm 110, Psalm 2, I Corinthians 15:23-27, and Romans 1:3-4 in this space here. But I am going to ask you to go to TC’s post and read the debate for yourself.  Is the enthronement of Jesus a future event? Or is He on the Davidic throne now? Did I prove my point, or is Professor Kirk the one who proved his point in the article published in Christianity today? I will tell you that I am probably in the minority in comparison with mainstream Christianity. The enthronement of Jesus on a spiritual throne right now (as opposed to an earthly throne in the future) is probably the majority view.

Here is a link to TC’s post at New Leaven – debate and all. Follow this link here.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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4 Responses to Resurrection as enthronement?

  1. Mo says:

    I plan to check out your debate over the weekend. In the meantime, I\’m wondering why you didn\’t use the chronlog in Daniel 7 to demonstrate when, in the course of future events, the Lord Yeshua will be enthroned. It\’s pretty clear there that it\’s after the Beast / the Antichrist is destroyed.

  2. Darrin says:

    Hey Mo-Good point about Daniel 7. I was kind of operating on the fly there. I didn\’t want to get into unfamiliar territory, but use the references that they were using, and show how they weren\’t really all they were cracking them up to be. TC is a Historic Premillennialist, so I was pretty sure he would concede certain points if they were framed just so.With Daniel 7 though, there is some debate as to whether the ascension of Christ is there in verse 13 or not. I think Ron W. believes it is the ascension of Christ. Now with Coop\’s new view on Daniel 7, I\’m not sure what to think standard PreWrath will be. My view still remains that Daniel 2 and Daniel 7 are parallel, but he has written some material that disputes that claim.I think you\’ll enjoy the debate that TC and I had. Thanks for stopping in.Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13-The Orange Mailman

  3. Mo says:

    Darrin, my friend, as much as I love and respect Coop, he\’s not the arbiter of what is and is not "standard PreWrath" teaching. I\’ve seen his new view on Daniel 7, but not really studied it. He\’s getting pretty far out on some things. Today got away from me — mostly with good things — so I\’ll have to check out your debate with TC another time. I\’m having fun and staying busy, as instructed.- Mo

  4. Darrin says:

    Hey Mo-Point taken on standard pre-wrath. With VanKampen passed away, Rosenthal is the main teacher, but we must look to the future for new leaders. Coop is pretty influential, but this type of thing (with his view on Daniel 2 and 7) makes me wary. I don\’t see another Rosenthal or VanKampen coming along any time soon. But then again, God has his people in place.Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13-The Orange Mailman

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