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Gas Prices

My wife and I recently took a trip. As we were traveling, we kept track of the gas prices as we traveled. I thought it might be interesting to post my findings here where others across the United States of … Continue reading

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The Coming of the Davidic Messiah

This post is dedicated to examining the Davidic Covenant solely from a New Covenant (New Testament) point of view. The texts I studied are those that mention David or those that mention the Messiah in light of the background of … Continue reading

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Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation Overlayed

We have examined Jeremiah 30-33 in depth, but now let’s amalgamate the different revelations into one big revelation.  After all, there must be a reason why these three oracles were placed together at the apex of the entire prophecy.  God … Continue reading

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Netanyahu cites the Bible in claim on Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just done something either very, very foolish, or very, very brave.  He has cited the Bible in support of Israel’s claim on Jerusalem.  This is certainly noteworthy.  Why would Netanyahu do this?  It’s almost … Continue reading

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You used to be one of my heroes.

I’ve been thinking about talking to you for a long time about this. I thought about calling you on the phone. I thought about visiting you. But I finally decided to write you a letter. This way, you can take … Continue reading

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Praise Him! Praise Him!

Sometimes you just have to Praise Him. 1Praise Him! praise Him! Jesus, our blessed Redeemer!Sing, O Earth, His wonderful love proclaim!Hail Him! hail Him! highest archangels in glory;Strength and honor give to His holy Name!Like a shepherd, Jesus will guard … Continue reading

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Millennarian Views: With Reasons For Receiving Them

Millennarian Views: With Reasons For Receiving Them By Alfred Bryant I recently finished reading an excellent book. It’s been quite awhile since I added to my favorite prophecy books list, but this one has definitely made it. This book made … Continue reading

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The Davidic Covenant in Jeremiah 33

Jeremiah’s view of the Davidic Covenant How did Jeremiah view the Davidic Covenant? We will see that his view was no different from that which was already revealed up to this point in time, see this post. The psalms and … Continue reading

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