Netanyahu cites the Bible in claim on Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just done something either very, very foolish, or very, very brave.  He has cited the Bible in support of Israel’s claim on Jerusalem.  This is certainly noteworthy.  Why would Netanyahu do this?  It’s almost like he is throwing down the gauntlet in front of all the enemies of Israel.  Has Netanyahu invoked the prerogative of the God of Israel?  Not yet.  But where does Netanyahu think the holy scriptures came from? 
In comparison, the Prime Minister points out that no verses in the Koran even mention Jerusalem.  What does that say about claims to Jerusalem by Islamic nations?  It states that occupation of Jerusalem is not necessary for worshippers of Islam.  That’s another bold statement in the face of Israel’s enemies.  Like I said, it’s either very, very brave, or very, very foolish. 
Right now the God of Israel is working to bring national Israel to a place of repentance.  He is doing this by provoking Israel to jealousy through a foolish nation, a people that isn’t really a people, the church in which Gentiles are inplaced.  So God has no obligation to defend Israel supernaturally against her enemies until Israel repents.
I believe Netanyahu’s reasoning for doing this is political.  He is pandering to a largely Christian audience who will be sympathetic to the facts.  Can God work through this?  Yes.  Does God know Netanyahu’s true motives?  Yes.  This will certainly be interesting to watch how different religious and secular organizations respond to this one.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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