Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation Overlayed

We have examined Jeremiah 30-33 in depth, but now let’s amalgamate the different revelations into one big revelation.  After all, there must be a reason why these three oracles were placed together at the apex of the entire prophecy.  God intended for these three covenant revelations to be viewed as one future plan for the nation of Israel. 
Jeremiah saw the beginning of the Time of Jacob’s Trouble, but he also saw the end.  He saw the nation of Israel as they were about to go into captivity, but he also saw them being regathered from all nations back into the promised land.  Jeremiah saw the beginning of a long stretch of time when no king would rule from the Davidic throne, but he also saw the time when The King would take the Davidic throne.  Jeremiah saw the disciplinary action against the nation of Israel for their rebellion, but he also saw the repentance of Israel which will end their rebellion and therefore also end the discipline designed to bring them to repentance.  In a nutshell, Jeremiah saw the beginning and the end of a period of time sort of like bookends.  Let’s review the final result of what Jeremiah saw.
The nation of Israel will be regathered into the promised land.  Israel will be forgiven of all their sins and have God’s laws written on their hearts.  Each individual must repent in order to participate in this New Covenant arrangement, but the nation as a whole will have one identity.  Israel will dwell securely and safely with the Davidic Messiah ruling over them.  Jerusalem, the temple, and the Levitical priests will also continue under the authority of the Messiah.
But what about what is termed Covenant Theology and A-Millennialism?  When the New Covenant was instituted, did that change the original intent of Jeremiah to now mean that these prophecies would be fulfilled spiritually?  Has the nation of Israel been replaced by a strictly spiritual people regardless of ethnic background?  Is the temple now a spiritual temple composed of Jews and Gentiles?  Is the Davidic throne in heaven rather than here on earth?  Has the priesthood been superseded by all believers offering up spiritual sacrifices rather than physical sacrifices?
I intend to look at passages in the New Testament (New Covenant) to show that the Pre-Millennial position is the superlative position.  Some of the issues that I will deal with are:
The coming of the Davidic Messiah.
The preservation of ethnic Israel distinctions.
The continuation of God’s covenant plan with the nation of Israel here on earth.
The unity of all believers including Israelites and Gentiles.
The spiritualizing of key NT passages.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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