Gas Prices

My wife and I recently took a trip. As we were traveling, we kept track of the gas prices as we traveled. I thought it might be interesting to post my findings here where others across the United States of America, or even other parts of the world, could read and add their two cents to whatever the prices are wherever you are. So here goes.


On Friday, May 21st, we left West Michigan to head into northern Michigan. Most of the gas prices around town were between $2.76 and $2.69 per gallon. I had seen it for $2.65 in one place and had also noticed that there was an overall trend that the prices were on their way down. We stopped at a Citgo that is consistently cheaper and got it for $2.60 before we cut up north. When we got into northern Michigan, it was pretty much $2.70 on up. But once we got into the upper peninsula, it was up around $2.86. When we came into Escanaba, it was down to $2.78, but we decided not to fill up there, but to wait until Marquette. When we got to Marquette, we found that the prices were higher rather than lower. It was between $2.85 and $2.86, but we found a Citgo there that had it for $2.84 before we left to head west. As we crossed the upper peninsula to the west into Wisconsin, the prices were up around $2.89.


Once we got into northern Wisconsin on May 24th, the prices came down a little bit into the $2.70-$2.80 range. We crossed into Minnesota where the prices came down a bit more, ranging from $2.65-$2.69. Mind you, we weren’t driving around town shopping for gas prices. We stayed at our hotel which was right across from the Mall of America. When we were leaving Minnesota to come back to Michigan in a one day drive, we saw it for $2.59 in some places, and then we filled up again just before crossing the Wisconsin border and lucked out getting it at $2.51 at a Kwik Stop. As we went through mid to southern Wisconsin, the prices were anywhere from $2.65 to $2.69.


In coming through Illinois, our main objective was to survive driving through Chicago. There was one point that was pretty mundane. We drove about six miles in ½ an hour on highway 90 through downtown. As we were on the highway, there were a couple of places where we noticed the price of gas was higher than we had seen it anywhere thus far. The highest we saw it for was $2.99 and not lower than $2.91. Chicago, you have my deepest sympathies for gas prices and traffic conditions. Up into Indiana, the prices dropped back a bit. We filled up in Michigan City, Indiana, just before crossing the Michigan border. We found a Kwik Stop that had it for $2.69 right off the highway. We were ready to come home after 10 hours of straight driving at that point, so we didn’t shop around.

Michigan again

Back in west Michigan again, we found that gas prices had dropped a bit while we were away for a week. As we came through Grand Haven, there was a place that had it for $2.43 per gallon. SAAAAAAALLUUTE! I remember reading about this in our local paper. They ran an article saying that this gas station had purposefully lowered their prices to attract a following in order to gain more business inside the store as snacks and pop is where a good chunk of money comes from. On Thursday, May 27th when we got back into town, quite a few places had it for $2.62, but over the past couple of days, it has dropped now to $2.58.

So, now comes the fun part. Where are you at? What has the trend for the price of gasoline been in the last two weeks? And what is the high and low price in your town right now?

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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4 Responses to Gas Prices

  1. Kathy says:

    Hey Orange, we are at right around $2.80 for the lowest octane gas here in Gig Harbor, about an hour south of Seattle. I have noticed a downward trend. We were hovering around $3.00 a gallon a few weeks ago.

  2. Michelle says:

    Prices for gas around here are just exactly like yours…you know, because I\’m your wife and I live with you.

  3. Patrick says:

    2.85 in upstate NY about 45 miles north of the city. Nice comment Michelle, made me laugh, thanks.

  4. Darrin says:

    Now it\’s around $2.64.

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