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Two studies and a conversation

Fred Butler continues his series in Daniel.  Now he is getting to the good stuff.  I would keep an eye on his blog now that he has arrived at Daniel chapter 7.  Read the latest installment at this link here. … Continue reading

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Arrested in Michigan

How come I never get arrested?  I miss all the fun.  Apparently, here in my home state of Michigan, people are getting arrested as Muslims chant Allahu Akbar.  It seems there was a festival on June 18th where some Christians were … Continue reading

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video sermon by Francis Chan

I’ve got a couple of things in the works which will take some time.  So my posting may only be a couple of times a week.  But there are a couple of neat things on the way here.  For now, … Continue reading

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Where did Jesus go?

Where did Jesus go when He died? Did he descend into hell, or did He ascend into heaven? Did Jesus suffer God’s wrath only while on the cross, or did He suffer in the grave as well? Some believe that … Continue reading

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An A-Millennialist’s Response to Isaiah 65:20

How does an A-Millennialist deal with Isaiah 65:20? Here we have a passage in which Isaiah sees a vision of new heavens and a new earth. In this same passage, it states that animals will be at peace with one … Continue reading

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The Unity of All Believers Including Israelites and Gentiles

The nation of Israel continues to have a place in God’s future plan. The church currently exists as the believing remnant of Israelites with believing Gentiles in-placed within that assembly. Israelites and Gentiles are essentially one body while still maintaining … Continue reading

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Orange Gaming

Recent Gaming For those who don’t know, I am a gamer. From an early age, I loved strategy games like Checkers, Chess, and Backgammon. I enjoyed Pente and Mastermind as a teen. Now as an adult there are quite a … Continue reading

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Illumination Series

Some time back, I had the opportunity to interact with some A-Millennialists on the subject of eschatology.  I wrote a series entitled Illumination since that was the name of the blog at which Dr. Sam Waldron and others were posting.  Because my … Continue reading

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Hey Mom!

I never would have thought that my mom would be on the world wide web. But there she is. It’s a great little video too. My mom works for the Kids Wish Network as a receptionist. I think it’s a … Continue reading

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The continuation of ethnic Israel distinctions

It’s a cumbersome title, but necessary. My intent in this post is to show that while there is unity within the body of Christ between Israelites and Gentiles, God still views Israelites and Gentiles as being distinct according to their … Continue reading

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