Illumination Series

Some time back, I had the opportunity to interact with some A-Millennialists on the subject of eschatology.  I wrote a series entitled Illumination since that was the name of the blog at which Dr. Sam Waldron and others were posting.  Because my current series touches on where Pre-Millennialism and A-Millennialism agree and disagree, I thought I would post links to the entire series in one post.  For those who want to see how I answer the questions that A-Millennialists pose to me without resorting to dispensational tactics, you may want to check out this series.  I feel as if I provided answers for every question they asked me, but I did not receive the same reciprocation.  There are many questions that I have for A-Millenialists that remain unanswered. 
The one thing that struck me throughout the conversation was how friendly and non-threatening the comments were made.  I really have no problem discussing these things and I appreciated the irenic tone of those who responded to and questioned me.  I feel this is the way to have meaningful dialogue rather than tearing each other down.  Here are the links for those blog posts.
I would point out that I asked quite a few questions that these fellows would not address.  On the other hand, I answered every question they asked me.  I also took the opportunity to explain my positions in places where they claimed I contradicted scripture or denied the person of Jesus Christ.  I still wonder why these A-Millennialists would make this claim that Pre-Millennialists deny the person and work of Jesus Christ in light of the excellent theology that many Pre-Millennialists hold.  Is it because they want to shock folks?  I don’t know.  Anyway, it’s a good read to browse through these articles.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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