Two studies and a conversation

Fred Butler continues his series in Daniel.  Now he is getting to the good stuff.  I would keep an eye on his blog now that he has arrived at Daniel chapter 7.  Read the latest installment at this link here. Remember that he writes from a dispensational point of view, which I am not a dispensationalist.  But I am a pre-millennialist and want to provide my readers with different points of view.
Ron Wallace has recently completed his study on Matthew 24 and posted it on Bible Fragrances.  There are issues where I agree with Ron and issues where I disagree with him.  I am in agreement with a PreWrath Rapture of course, and the PreMillennial position.  Then for finer points, I agree with Ron that there is no parallel between the birthpangs of Matthew 24:4-8 and the first four seals of Revelation 6.  Also, I agree that there are both near and far elements of the Olivet Discourse contained therein, as in, both 70AD fulfillment and end of the age fulfillment which are not to be confused.  But one major point of disagreement is that I believe that the Olivet Discourse as described in Matthew 24-25 and Mark 13 is a different discourse from the Temple Discourse recorded in Luke 21.  Ron goes through great lengths to try to prove that all the material was taken from one incident, but I think the evidence shows that Luke 21 was spoken at the temple, to the general crowds, and focused primarily on the destruction of the temple.  The Olivet Discourse was spoken on the Mount of Olives, to the disciples, and was a clarification of the previous discourse focusing primarily on the second coming and the end of the age.  You can read Ron’s study here by clicking on Part 1 ~ Part 2 ~ Part 3.  It’s pretty lengthy, but well worth it.
Finally, I want to point my readers to a conversation (debate) that I had concerning the idea that there is no future for the nation of Israel.  TC Robinson at New Leaven had a blog post entitled Rethinking the Parable of Matthew 21:33-46: The Inclusion of the Gentiles, the Mission of the Church, No Israel.  I stayed out of it at first, but then I felt compelled to jump in after some certain comments were made.  I felt the conversation went almost like my conversations with Dr. Waldron.  I was answering all of the questions directed at me, but the answers I was getting for my questions were not shedding any light.  So if you want to see how my latest series on Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation stacks up to other view points, read about it at this link here.  Be sure to scroll down for the comments as mine do not appear until almost the end.  On a more positive note, I like that TC has chosen the ESV for his new version of choice for study.  The ESV is a great version as I have been studying with it for some time.  You readers probably notice that I post a majority of my references in ESV.  I like the poetry and the consistency.  But also for a lot of the same reasons that TC gives at this link here.
That’s all for now.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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