How about that United States Postal Service?

I’ll start this post off with a quote from my route.  I was walking by a house that houses a large family.  After I delivered the mail to the slot, I heard a lady inside talking quite loudly.  This is what she said.
"I don’t care who made the mess. 
This house is going to be cleaned
and you kids are going to learn how to do it. 
Now hand me my soda."
Ya gotta love it.  You can’t make this stuff up.
Everyone keeps asking me if the post office is going to eliminate Saturday delivery.  Some people are concerned about it.  While many people think to themselves, "who cares about getting junk mail and bills on Saturday," there are many others who rely on Saturday delivery for a variety of reasons.  For those who don’t know, there is a lot of medication that goes through the US mail.  Many folks rely on six day delivery to receive prescriptions, and some of this is subsidized by the government especially in the case of veterans.  If medication did not arrive on Friday, it would be quite inconvenient to have to wait until Monday (or Tuesday if there’s a Monday holiday).  Many others receive checks through the mail.  A good majority of these come on Fridays.  Once in a while, these checks get held up a day and come on Saturdays.  If there were no Saturday delivery, this would spell economic hardship to have to wait until Monday for those who receive these checks.  Many businesses rely on receiving payments through the mail six days per week.  Some ebayers and others who ship packages rely on pickup and delivery on Saturdays to stay competitive.
Right now, the Postal Regulatory Commission is considering the subject.  They are taking anyone’s opinion on the subject before making a recommendation.  You can go to their website and offer your input.  If you feel that Saturday delivery is vital to our communication system in the United States, please go to the website by following this link here and leave your comments.  Contrary to what you might hear, the Postal Service is not losing billions of dollars per year.  Congress put a restriction on USPS to prefund their future retiree benefits to the tune of about $6 billion per year.  Ever since then, USPS has been running in the red between $5 and $7 billion per year.  Go figure.  The NALC has been trying to get congress to lift this unfair restriction so USPS can use their own money as opposed to having it sit in an account somewhere.  No other institution has to prefund their future retiree benefits in that manner.  I believe that the elimination of Saturday delivery would actually do more harm to the postal service than good.  Those who ship packages might turn to other companies to do business.  Those who receive checks might switch to direct deposit.  Pharmaceutical companies might ship medication via more expensive companies and pass the cost on to taxpayers since some of it is subsidized.  Six day delivery is our strength and should be relied upon, not eliminated.
On another subject, I have been bicycling again this summer.  I’ve been trying to ride into work twice a week and have been successful for five weeks now.  It’s nine miles one way so that makes for 36 miles per week, which isn’t bad.  And I can still kick it in gear if I want to.  I made it in 25 minutes and 50 seconds the other day and that was with horrible traffic and uncooperative traffic lights.  Things will have to line up better if I’m going to beat my all time best of 24 minutes and 40 seconds.  This $60 pawn shop bike has turned out to be a nice investment.
My apologies to those who can no longer leave comments on my blog.  Windows made some changes to the system and ever since then, only those who are a part of my network can leave comments.  I don’t expect everyone to become a part of my network, especially since I never accept anybody in, well except Diva and Tracey.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get a real blog.  Not that this one is fake, but maybe something a little spiffier.  For those who want to leave comments, most of you know how to get a hold of me anyway.  If you don’t, just leave a comment and I’ll e-mail you my address.
The series that I am doing on Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation is still in progress.  I’m examining the new testament scriptures, but what I am attempting to tackle is bigger than I thought.  I may not have another post on this particular series for a couple of months.  I don’t want to post something off the cuff and look back later realizing that I could have done better.  I’m currently studying through II Corinthians 3 and the language used to describe the relationship of the old covenant to the new covenant.  It’s quite intriguing.  So thank you for your patience.
I’ll close this post with another little humorous dialogue from the route.  As I was walking up to this particular house, I heard some commotion going on inside.  There was a male voice and a female voice.  There were arguing, and then screaming back and forth to each other.  It went something like this.
Give me the remote.  Crash!  No get the remote yourself!  Slam!  No!  You give me the remote!  Whack!  What is your problem!?  Crack!  Just give me the remote!  (Finally, just as I’m at the mailbox delivering the mail, the female voice screams at the top of her lungs,) 
You know, this is why everyone on this block
thinks that we’re CRAAAZZZZZYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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One Response to How about that United States Postal Service?

  1. Michelle says:

    Bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!! And here I was wondering why you were stressed out sometimes when you get home from work.P.S. ~ Can I have your email address??? *snerk*

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