I received horrible service at….

For three weeks almost every day, a man stood on the corner of Getty St. and Apple Ave., which is a very main intersection here. He held a sign that said, “I received horrible service at_________.” It had the name of a local business on it which I will not mention. There was one day where a lady about his age was with him also holding up a sign that said the exact same thing. One faced Getty, the other faced Apple. They were both very pleasant, but very firm in what they were standing for.

I found out the scoop in a roundabout way. Apparently, the gentleman called this business to do a repair in his home. After the repair, the gentleman called back the business the very next day to say that something was not right, that the wrong part had been installed as it was running funny and making a strange sound. The business did not get back to him until four days later. When they did call, the gentleman was extremely upset because not only did they install the wrong part, but now there was damage that previously was not there to the unit that they were supposed to repair. The business wanted the man to come in with paperwork, but the man said that they should come out, replace the wrong part, and repair the damages done to the unit. It was at that point that this man and his wife decided to take their message to one of the busiest intersections in our city, and only 100 yards from that business’s location.

I heard one time that if you receive poor service at a restaurant that you will tell an average of ten people. The same survey said that if you receive excellent service at a restaurant that you will tell an average of only two people. It is interesting the things that we decide to share with our coworkers and friends. We talk about what kind of service we received at a certain store or restaurant, and the good deal we got because of a certain coupon. We talk enthusiastically about our favorite recipes. We talk about the weather. We talk… no we gab about family.

When something that we believe in very strongly comes up, we will tell someone exactly what we think not caring if they agree or not. I think of this man out on the sidewalk with his sign communicating his message of frustration to our city. He really believed he got horrible service and wanted everybody possible to know. It didn’t matter to him if this was a business that had a good track record, that had been in the same location for fifty years, or had donated thousands to charity (which I don’t know if this business had done any of those things). What mattered to him were the cold hard facts of what he knew was true. He got horrible service.

David wrote in Psalm 116:10, “I believed, therefore I have spoken.” Paul quotes this verse in II Corinthians 4:13 to illustrate that because he knows that Jesus has been raised from the dead, therefore he tells people that Jesus has been raised from the dead. He really believes it so he talks about it.

There have been some people that I consider prophets appear in our city. There was one fellow, probably almost 70 years old. He stood every day outside an abortion clinic with a simple placard type sign. He smiled and waved to everyone as they went past. I stopped and talked to him one time. He had a simple message. He gave me a flyer which he said he gave to every person entering the abortion clinic. It was a flyer which directed someone with an unwanted pregnancy to a place which would help the family through the process without resorting to killing an unborn child. Today, this abortion clinic has reduced its times of service to one day per week, and many times no one is there on that day either.

Another fellow was in our city for a while. He had an six-foot-tall, orange, wooden cross that he would hold. Sometimes he would point up in the air as people drove by. Sometimes he would get out his guitar and sing praises to the LORD. He had very cheaply made Christian tracts that he would hand to people which told the way of salvation. When I stopped to talk to him, I found out his name was Redge, and I had my eyes opened. He said that there was a coven of witches in our city that started coming to place curses on him when they saw the cross being displayed in broad daylight. One time when I stopped to visit him, another young fellow was there. He had a long goatee and a shaved head with a vacant look in his eyes. After this younger fellow left, I asked Redge about him. He told me that this younger fellow told him he was into Satanism. He had stopped to talk to Redge because he knew his brother was a Christian and had been praying for him. When he saw Redge he was drawn to stop to talk because of things that his brother had said.

Then there are the faithful preachers in churches, preaching the true message of Christ. They preach salvation through the name of Jesus because of His death on the cross, His burial, and His resurrection. They preach repentance toward God and faith in the LORD Jesus Christ. They preach against sin, not caring what other people think. Many times, it’s those small church preachers that are preaching the true word of God. The reason why the churches are small is because the world in general does not care to hear the true message of God. These men are true heroes and prophets.

What do you believe? Are you willing to tell others? Or don’t you really believe it that much? Don’t let some guy with a sign who got mad about poor service make us Christians look like cowards.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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