A New Orange Blog

I just made a big, orange decision.  I have been frustrated with this particular blog for sometime.  It was just a starter blog and I knew that.  I really didn’t know what other type of blog I would want though.  Windows Live has made changes to their system which has made me more frustrated rather than more satisfied.  There are several blogs that I visit that use WordPress.  I really like navigating on those blogs.  They are easy for me, someone who knows very little about the internet, to maneuvre.
What tipped me over the edge was the frustration that some of you have expressed in wanting to comment.  I have always tried to be accessible here, but the support system is attrocious.  A few days ago, some A-Millennialists were set to respond to my last post but couldn’t.  So I have officially started my new blog.  It’s a work in progress though.  Those of you who know the WordPress system please chip in some of your knowledge.  It’s a whole lot easier than Windows Live, so it only took me four days to set up WordPress as opposed to the month that it took me to set up this here.
I will begin transitioning to blogging more frequently over there, and less frequently over here.  This blog will still be here though.  I may do some re-o-ranging over there, which means I may take some of these posts and post them over there.
So please, check me out over there.  And this time, go ahead and join in with a comment.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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