Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation ~ Links

Now that I’ve finished with the series entitled Jeremiah’s Covenant Revelation, I can post all the links to the individual posts.  This is divided into two sections.  First I examined what the OT scriptures had to say as background and then examined Jeremiah 30-33 in context.  Here are the links to those posts.
The Davidic Covenant in Jeremiah 33 (Jeremiah’s View of the Davidic Covenant)
This concluded the section of study in examining what Jeremiah expected to occur.  Then I turned my study to the New Testament (New Covenant writings).  Was there reason to believe from these NT writings that the original point of view should be changed?  Should the OT be reinterpreted through the NT lens?  Here are the posts in this second portion.
God’s Progressive Covenant Plan with Israel (outlines the New Covenant in progress)
This series was very insightful for me.  The book of Jeremiah has come to life in a way that no other OT prophet can.  He alone foretells of the “new covenant”.  Yet he also spoke of God’s covenant plan in other passages which must be correlated with the new covenant prophecy.  As a bonus, here are two other posts that may be of interest to you.
Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13
-The Orange Mailman
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