The Big Implosion

I take the comics way too seriously.  I always look to see how the different comic strip artists will portray Christmas.  How many of them will actually mention the name of Jesus?  So many have no problem mentioning the name of Santa, which is funny because the word really means saint and there wouldn’t be any saints without Jesus Christ.  The funnies around Christmas time become a place where materialism, family, and traditions are lifted up and the incarnation is left out.

So here is a link to a great Christmas comic strip.  The strip is Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop and this isn’t the first time that I’ve linked to it.  It’s about a little store run by Christians designed to help the needy.  Dag is a new Christian who volunteers there.  He struggles with a lot of basic Christian principles which make for the majority of the strip’s humor.  Created and drawn by Kevin Frank, it’s a shame it only runs on Sundays.

So here is Dag struggling with the idea of the incarnation and realizes that it runs contrary to The Big Bang Theory.  Instead of God exploding, He condenses Himself into the body of a tiny baby.  He comes up with the phrase, the Big Implosion.  What I like about the strip is that Dag is really excited about understanding the incarnation in a way that makes sense.  Of course, there is also the fact that this is the sole comic strip that I read this year that actually mentioned the incarnation at all.  A couple of others had some inferences, like a nativity set, but this one clearly presented the true Christmas message.

Read the strip at this link here.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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