Rosenthal agrees with me

For years now I have maintained that Revelation 21-22 contain additional information regarding the millennium.  In essence, those two chapter more fully explain Revelation 20:4-6.  The new heavens and new earth are to be correlated with Isaiah 65:17-66:24 and II Peter 3 which occur at the coming of Christ.  The New Jerusalem is the millennial city from which Christ will reign for a thousand years.  The millennium will be the next step is God’s progressive covenant plan with Psalm 72 depicting this reign of the Messiah here on earth.  I’ve taken a bit of grief for my stance.

But now with the latest issue of Zion’s Fire, Marv Rosenthal has taken a stand on the issue.  And guess what?  He agrees with my position.  It makes me feel just a tiny bit vindicated since I’ve been contending this point of view for Revelation 21-22 with only a handful of converts.  I know I’ve blogged about this many times before, but humor me again.  Blame it on Rosenthal, he’s getting me started.

I hear so many preachers talk about what heaven will be like as they turn to Revelation 21-22.  The problem is that this is not a description of heaven, but a description of the New Jerusalem which is a city that will descend from heaven to earth.  This city is the bride of Christ, the wife of the Lamb.  Within this city we have a description.  This is not a description of the entire earth, although there will be a new heaven and new earth at this time.  What is different about the new earth is that the nations walk in the light of the New Jerusalem, Revelation 21:24-27, during the millennium of course.  Outside the city, there are still sinners, Revelation 22:15, but within that city only the saved may enter.

I think Rosenthal does a better job at explaining the placement of post-millennial events in Revelation 20 in relation to Revelation 21-22 which describe the millennial heavens and earth.  Many of my articles focus on the specific verses which prove that Revelation 21-22 cannot describe events following the great white throne judgment.  I have cross referenced OT passages like Isaiah 60:1-3 and 62:1-5 in relation to the New Jerusalem.  Rosenthal leaves these references out probably because he states that the New Jerusalem is like a chandelier, which will be suspended above the earth.  I don’t share that view, but it’s not something that I’ll be dogmatic about.  He does spend a good deal of time in II Peter 3 and Isaiah 65 discussing the new heavens and new earth.  Although I don’t agree with every detail, it’s a great article worth considering.  I believe you can view it at Zion’s Hope online.

The next issue will contain the final article in Rosenthal’s series which acts as a commentary on the book of Revelation.  Hopefully there will be a little more information on his position since it will highlight details from Revelation 22.  I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not looking forward to his series coming to an end. 

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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