PreWrath Mailman

This post is not about me.  There is another mailman (city letter carrier for the United States Postal Service) who is PreWrath.  He recently discovered that he can make youtube videos.  He now has five of them uploaded.  I watched them all and they are great as far as scriptural content.

For those of you who don’t know what the term PreWrath even means, these videos are a great place to start.  You should have your Bible open as he turns, reads, and discusses the scriptures.

Video #1 ~ PreWrath Basics

Video #2 ~ The Rapture occurs at the glorious, visible coming of Christ.

Video #3 ~ The Day of the LORD and His wrath

Video #4 ~ The Great Tribulation in relation to the rapture

Video #5 ~ There are prophesied events that precede the rapture

Each video is just a little over five minutes long, maybe 6-7 minutes each.  The whole lot will take you about half an hour, which will be time well spent for those who like to study the end time events, specifically the question, “What of the church?  Will we be here or not?”

I poked a little fun at my friend for his chart in the first video.  It’s just a piece of paper that he holds up in front of the camera.  But, I truly salute the PreWrath Mailman.  Thanks for taking it to the web.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman (the other prewrath mailman)

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