Where are my hands?

Brewster Rockit

I take the comics way too seriously.  One of my up and coming favorites is Brewster Rockit.  This guy is the unlikely captain of the spaceship R.U.Sirius.  He has had so many mind wipes by aliens that there’s really not a whole lot of common sense left in his brain.  I bought three copies of Close Encounters of the Worst Kind for Christmas presents.  One was for my dad (from whom I inherited my weird sense of humor), one for PN8 (also weird), and of course one for me.  I laugh hysterically at this comic.

But, sometimes I laugh hysterically when I read the Bible too.  I was reading the latest issue of Watching and Waiting, put out by Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony.  There is an article titled A Study in Psalm 76 by David Park.  I hadn’t seriously (Siriusly?) thought about Psalm 76 as it relates to the end times.  So this article led me to just read through Psalm 76 in a new light.  As I read verse 5 in the KJV, I laughed out loud.  Here it is describing how God brings judgment upon the wicked.

The stouthearted are spoiled, they have slept their sleep:

and none of the men of might have found their hands.

As I read this verse there flashed in my mind an image of mighty men of war, ready to march across the world in unison, suddenly all  falling asleep just because the LORD took away their ability to stay awake.  As they woke up, they couldn’t find their hands.  They looked at each other in terror.  “Where are my hands?  I can’t find them!”  The ability to hold a gun, push a button, or use a fork was instantaneously stripped from their reservoir of knowledge all due to a failure to locate their hands.  It made me think about the sovereignty of God over such a simple piece of information such as “where are my hands”.

Other translations have rendered this along the lines of “all the men of war were unable to use their hands”, ESV.  But the word in the Hebrew literally means to find.  Perhaps what was meant was that they could not find them in order to use them for war, sort of like the phrase “find your feet”.  Even with this translation it is still very funny.  Imagine a whole group of soldiers ready to march into battle and suddenly they are unable to use their hands.  When you think about the great battle of the end, how the kings of the earth will make war against God, you have to wonder how God is going to hold back laughing out loud.  Is he going to have a little fun with them?  As they face the Creator, Messiah Jesus, is He going to make them forget where their hands are?

I just read Psalm 76:5 again.  I’m still laughing.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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