Comics strips that actually mention the resurrection

I take the funnies way too seriously.  It’s that time of year again when we see which comic strips talk about Easter in a secular way and which ones actually mention the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This year there will be four categories.  The first category will be those comic strips which did not mention Easter at all.  The second category will be those that mention Easter, but only Easter eggs, candy, and bunny.  The third category will be those that are religious in some way, but don’t quite mention the resurrection.  The fourth category will be those that actually mention in some way that Jesus Christ rose from the dead.  All comic strips that are highlighted in orange are those that I read on a daily basis.

Category #1 ~ No mention of Easter at all.  Baby Blues, Beetle Bailey, Dilbert, Doonesbury, Herb and Jamaal, Jumpstart, Luann (although it does mention thankfulness), Mother Goose and Grimm, Peanuts, Pooch Cafe, Prince Valiant, Rex Morgan, M.D., Rose Is Rose, Spider-Man, Zits, 9 Chickweed Lane, The Boondocks, The Dinette Set, Dog Eat Doug, Garfield, Get Fuzzy, Heathcliff, Non Sequitur, Pearls Before Swine, Rubes, Speed Bump, Baldo, Bound and Gagged, Broom Hilda, Candorville, Close To Home, Frank and Ernest, Frazz, Heart of the City, Liberty Meadows, Overboard, Shoe, Watch Your Head, Ziggy, Snuffy Smith (although it mentioned prayer and Sunday School), Crock, Funky Winkerbean, The Lockhorns, Mary Worth, Sherman’s Lagoon, Arlo & Janis, Big Nate, Marmaduke, Prickly City.

Category #2 ~ Easter eggs, candy, and bunny.  Blondie (kind of funny), Brewster Rockit, Family Circus, Hagar the Horrible, Hi and Lois, Mutts, Pickles, Red and Rover (cute), Sally Forth, Wizard of Id, Rhymes With Orange, Marvin, Soup To Nutz, The Born Loser.

Category #3 ~ Easter is mentioned in a religious context.  Agnes is a great comic strip, sometimes having religious references.  Agnes is usually mixed up about religion, but good hearted.  This year Agnes and her grandmother are saying Easter grace for their frosted bologna pop-tarts. 

Curtis and Barry are in church watching the ladies parade their Sunday hats.  It’s a usual Easter gag.

Dennis the Menace has a great question.  If God is everywhere, why can’t we meet him at the park.  Once he gets to church he notices Mr. Wilson is there.  See you on Christmas, Mr. Wilson. 

In Gasoline Alley, Pastor Present is preaching a nice Easter type sermon, but no mention of Jesus, the crucifixion, or the resurrection.  Too safe in my opinion.

Mallard Fillmore has a fairly appropriate quote from C. S. Lewis.

For Better or For Worse is on the better side this year.  Michael is watching the Easter story on television and expresses his dismay at the suffering Jesus endured.  No mention of the resurrection, but definitely on target.  It is possible that this is a rerun from years ago when the strip was more orthodox in nature.

Cake or Death is not a comic strip in the traditional sense, but one-panel, black and white comics that are published by Alex Baker in different Christian publications, and sometimes just on his website.  The website is worth checking on once a week.  Some of these are pretty hilarious.  The message for this Easter is simply “Happy Easter” with three crosses in the background.  Add it to your favourites and check in once a week.

Category #4 ~  This year’s winners!  Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop did not let me down.  Kevin Frank has a long history of bringing the message of the gospel to those who care to read his work.  A skywriter writes the message “He is risen” in the clouds.  Nice work Kevin!  It’s a once a week strip, otherwise it would be in orange.  Check it out here.  Surprisingly, some of the links for my old posts on Easter comic strips no longer work.  So if you are reading this strip ten years from now and the links don’t work, my apologies.  Then again, who knows if we will even have blogs in ten years.

B.C. still has a strong Christian presence.  When Johnny Hart died, I thought the flame would extinguish.  But Mason Mastroianni, Hart’s grandson, has alluded to the resurrection in a unique and humorous way.  B.C. walks up to Peter looking for a tomb.  Peter says he has none available, but just in case, he’s going to double-check.  Amazed, he looks and states (even though you’re not going to believe this), we just had an opening.  The background for the last panel shows an empty tomb with the stone rolled away from it.  Since no one knows exactly when B.C.’s timeline is occurring, the humor works and the message of the resurrection is set forth.  I think I’ll go back to reading B.C. every day.  Check it out here.

Orange addendum.  We have a late entry.  Alex Baker has another strip that he put on the site a day late.  But I can still mention it here for those who continue to browse my blog.  It’s a one panel comic of a news team showing up at the tomb.  The stone is rolled away and an angel announces, “Sorry guys, you’re too late.”  A news team missing a valuable story, I like it.   It’s another winner for this year’s contest, even though the recognition comes later than deserved.  Check it out here.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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