We built this house on…

…the Davidic Covenant.

David:  God, I want to build you a house.

God:  No David, I’m going to build you a house, an eternal kingdom.  One of your sons, part of this eternal kingdom, will build me a house.

David:  Then I will do everything to prepare for the building of this great house for You oh God.  I prepare the location, the materials, and the pattern.

David:  Solomon, my son, I had it in my heart to build a house for God, but He told me that because I was a man of war that I could not.  He foretold that my son, Solomon, would be a man of peace and would build the house and that He would establish His covenant with you forever.

Solomon:  People of Israel, I have built an exalted house for the LORD.  The LORD God of Israel has chosen Jerusalem and has chosen my father David.  I have risen up in the place of my father David as the LORD has promised.

Solomon:  O LORD God, there is no God like You, keeping covenant to Your servants, to Your servant David my father saying, “You shall not lack a man to sit before Me on the throne of Israel.”  Now LORD God, let Your word be confirmed which You have spoken to Your servant David.  Let Your eyes be always opened toward this house to listen to every prayer from every Israelite and Gentile.

God:  If my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, then I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sin, and I will hear their land because I have chosen this house.  Solomon, if you will walk before me as David your father walked, then I will establish your royal throne as I covenanted with David your father saying, “you shall not lack a man to rule Israel.”  But if you turn aside, then I will pluck you up from my land, and this house that I have chosen I will cast out of my sight.

The above narration is taken heavily from I and II Chronicles.  It struck me in relation to the national day of prayer this year how we like to read from II Chronicles 7 about God hearing from heaven and healing our land.  I began seeing that passage in a new light.  It seems that the dedication of the temple was fraught with references to the Davidic Covenant.  It seems that from the beginning the temple was intertwined with God’s promises to David for an everlasting lineage that would rule over the people of Israel.

So here’s the question, if the Davidic Covenant is to be fulfilled perpetually by Jesus Christ ruling over the people of Israel, what prevents a literal temple from existing here on earth at that time?  Some would say because the temple was a place of sacrifice and sacrifices are no longer needed that a temple is no longer needed.  But this was not the only purpose for the temple.  It was intended to be a house of prayer.  Boy that sounds like a familiar phrase.  I wonder who said that?

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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