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The Chronology of Revelation 6-9

The chronology of Revelation 6-9 Revelation 6-9 demonstrates a chronology of the book of Revelation in which the seals are opened in chronological order, then the trumpets are sounded in chronological order immediately after the seals.  In short, the events … Continue reading

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BW Newton on Matthew 24:27-28

In the latest issue of Watching and Waiting put out by Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony, there is an article by BW Newton which highlights the idea that the gathering of the saints in Matthew 24:31 is for the church.  I … Continue reading

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I attended a “Call to Prayer” event not knowing who Lou Engle was.  The name rang a bell, but I just couldn’t place it.  The event was in conjunction with another future event that will happen on November 11th, 2011, … Continue reading

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