A Case for Historic Premillennialism ~ Links

A while back I blogged through the book “A Case for Historic Premillennialism”, edited by Craig Blomberg and Sung Wook Chung.  I neglected to post the links to each individual post.  It helps when searching for an individual subject.  So here are the links, for the most part it is divided up into the chapters in the book.

A Case for Historic Premillennialism


Millennialist Movements
Dispensational and Historic Premillennialism as Popular Millennialist Movements

The Future Written in the Past
The Old Testament and the Millennium

Judaism and the World to Come

The Posttribulationalism of the New Testament
Leaving “Left Behind” Behind

The Theological Method of Premillennialism

Contemporary Millennial/Tribulational Debates
Whose Side Was the Early Church On?

Toward Covenant Theology
Toward the Reformed and Covenantal Theology of Premillennialism: A Proposal

Premillennial Tensions and Holistic Missiology
Latin American Evangelicalism

The brief conclusion of this book points out that while Historic Premillennialism is not necessarily making headlines with a series of best-selling works of fiction depicting the end of the world, there is a grass roots type movement which has kept this position alive and well in academic circles.  I would agree with the closing comments that most of today’s generation seem to have little time for debating some of the finer points of eshatology.  Those who find that the sensationalization of end times is a real turn-off should turn to their Bibles to study afresh what will shortly unfold at the end of the age.  I would encourage my readers to look through the posts if you haven’t already and ask yourself, “is there any reason I cannot be called a Historic Premillennialist?”

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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