Meditation on Psalm 119

Our Sunday School class was challenged to read through Psalm 119, eight verses at a time, and meditate on it. Our teacher said that a good exercise would be to read each eight verse section, think about it, and write a sentence or two that summarized that section.

This may sound odd, but I’ve never looked forward to reading Psalm 119. It’s long and it seemed laborious, sort of like a chore, to read it. The verses seemed to be saying the same things over and over. Sure, the word of God is awesome. To me, it appeared as if that were the repeating theme throughout the entire chapter.

This time, however, I had a different attitude. Psalm 119 opened up to me. I found myself pondering what the common theme of those eight verses were as opposed to those found in another section. How could I summarize all eight verses in one sentence? After a couple of nights, I found myself looking forward to the challenge. So here they are. I handed in my homework like a good schoolboy. Now for you, I challenge you to read that passage in the scripture that seems laborious or tedious. Ask God to show you new things that you do not know. Relish the challenge and write down those insights.

Meditation on Psalm 119

Verses 1-8 ~ The psalmist knows the law well enough to write a psalm about it, but longs to know it better.

Verses 9-16 ~ Our closeness to God can be measured by how close we are to His word.

Verses 17-24 ~ No matter how long we have been reading the word, our constant petition should be for God to show us new things so they are no longer hidden to us.

Verses 25-32 ~ The psalmist realizes his need for truth because of his natural weakness and habit of lying.

Verses 33-40 ~ We need to be turned away from the world, taught the word, given understanding, inclined, and even made by God to walk in the ways of righteousness.

Verses 41-48 ~ Only after salvation will we keep God’s law, talk about Him to others, and worship Him.

Verses 49-56 ~ The word of God is our comfort, especially when we see wicked people forsaking God’s law.

Verses 57-64 ~ God’s mercy should result in us thanking Him and being quick to obey Him.

Verses 65-72 ~ Affliction is good for us because through it God teaches us to obey His word.

Verses 73-80 ~God created us so He knows what is best for us, which is to obey His word.

Verses 81-88 ~ In times of trial, when we are surrounded by wicked people and are persecuted, keeping God’s words is our only hope.

Verses 89-96 ~ Creation and God’s word have both been established by a faithful God. His word encompasses all.

Verses 97-104 ~ Loving the law, meditating on His testimonies, and keeping His word, will make us wiser than everyone around us.

Verses 105-112 ~ We must continually choose God’s word; choose for it to be our guide, promise to obey it, then keep the promise, and choose it as our heritage.

Verses 113-120 ~ A godly person lives in fear of God because He is going to be true to His word and judge all evil. We must hate evil and not keep company with evil doers.

Verses 121-128 ~ Instead of despairing and complaining when there is oppression and unrighteousness in society, we should value God’s law and let Him work.

Verses 129-136 ~ The word of God holds the key to great emotions and thoughts, wonder and wisdom for those who obey but sadness toward those in willful ignorance.

Verses 137-144 ~ God is righteous, and His righteousness is everlasting. God’s word is also righteous, and that righteousness is also everlasting.

Verses 145-152 ~ The psalmist cries day and night with his whole heart as he meditates on and hopes in God’s word.

Verses 153-160 ~ Deliverance, salvation, and spiritual life will break through to the one who loves God’s word, and will be far from those who forget God’s law and do not seek it.

Verses 161-168 ~ We should be able to join the psalmist in these great all-encompassing declarations of: “I rejoice”, “I love”, “I hate”, “I praise”, “I hope”, and most of all, “I have kept your testimonies!”

Verses 169-176 ~ Everything that comes out of our mouth, whether requests, prayer, compliments, praise, desires, dreams, confessions, joys, and sorrows, should all flow from an understanding of God’s word.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman


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