what didn’t happen today

What is Easter about? Just looking at the comics strips on Easter Sunday will tell you. At least, it will tell you what the world thinks it’s about. For most people Easter is about Easter egg hunts, getting Easter candy, and maybe some fictitious story about the Easter Bunny. To hear someone talking about a dead Savior come back life is not the norm nowadays. When we hear the term Resurrection on Easter Sunday, our ears should perk up and recognize that’s a minority term as of late.

Yes, I take the Sunday comics way too seriously. I religiously read the funnies and have a running critique in my mind. I think it is so ironic that so many comic strips will mention Easter, but fail to mention Jesus or the Resurrection. So here is my summary of what happened (or what didn’t happen) in today’s comic strips.

First off, let’s see which strips only mentioned Easter themes, without even mentioning the word “Easter”. Mutts doesn’t mention the word “Easter” but someone dressed in a bunny costume holding a basket is vague reference. Diamond Lil features a very large chocolate bunny, but not too large for a large mouth. Flo and Friends have lots of chocolate bunnies. In Rhymes with Orange, a large white bunny is explaining to his son how he got into the egg business.

Now let’s get to my real target audience. Here are the people who are using the word Easter, on Easter Sunday, in the Sunday funnies, without mentioning anything about Jesus, the Bible account, or the Resurrection. Here we go.

Agnes mentions Easter sea shells. It’s a running joke that Agnes always seems to misunderstand religious holidays. Baby Blues has the kids digging up Easter candy from between the couch cushions. In Blondie, Dagwood treats the kids to an Easter surprise. It’s jelly beans and marshmallow peeps on a pepperoni pizza. Dennis the Menace has had too much Easter candy for Easter brunch to be enjoyable. Funky Winkerbean pokes fun at how people want to give kids Easter baskets with waaaaaaaay too much candy in them. In Family Circus, it’s a classic joke as Billy “makes his rounds” before everybody else in anticipation of the Easter egg hunt. In Hi and Lois, Hi dresses up like Santa Claus (because all the bunny costumes were rented) to bring Trixie an Easter basket. Classic Peanuts has the Easter bunny (Easter beagle) hiding eggs in the yard. Sally Forth has the running joke of how Hillary’s chocolate Easter bunny has the ears bitten off by her mom, or perhaps by someone else this year. Oddly enough, Ask Shagg mentions the Easter Bunny, or was it a bunny? Marvin holds a contest with a friend on who can find the most chocolate Easter eggs. Who wins? Trust me. In Non Sequitur, Pierre of the North almost falls for a little Easter magic. In For Better or for Worse, Elizabeth gets a phone call from the “Easter Bunny.” In Frazz, Caulfield makes up an Easter rhyme. In Gasoline Alley, old Walt Wallet’s caretaker, Gertie, is decorating Easter eggs, and having a good conversation with them as well. Crock has the Easter Bunny wishing him a Happy Easter, but looking for a promotion as well.

Now here are a handful that mention Easter, and are vaguely religious as well. These strips don’t mention the real meaning of Easter, but they are getting a little warmer. In Barney Google and Snuffy Smith they are taking up two collections in church, one for money and the other for Easter candy. In Wizard of Id, the friar is wishing people a Happy Easter as they come to church, no dragons allowed though. In Prickly City, Carmen is praying to remember the true meaning of today while Winslow is screaming “Chocolate Bunnies!” Maybe next year that strip will mention the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Cake or Death by Alex Baker has Jesus coming out of the tomb with a brief description underneath, He is risen. Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop mentions Easter and Jesus in the same context. Heathcliff mentions Easter and Jesus, but it’s in conjunction with the opening day of baseball season. Mallard Fillmore has a quote from C.S. Lewis which is obviously about Jesus and His death, and then also a scrawl wishing us a Blessed Easter. B.C. probably does the best in prepping for a Sunrise Service, but instead, it’s Son Rise, Serve Us.

So this year was not without any mention of Jesus in the comic strips. But the references to candy, Easter eggs, and the Easter bunny are far more common. This is what the world focuses on. So what are you focusing on? Do you realize that Jesus Christ rose from the dead? Do you realize that means He has defeated death? Jesus died for our sins. He rose again for our justification. Man can be right with God, but it is only through the LORD Jesus Christ and his resurrection power.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman


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