Three Views on the Rapture ~ Links

There have been some recent posts that confuse the two positions of Pre-Wrath and Post-Trib. They are two different positions. I understand what some people mean when they say, “Pre-Wrath is like Post-Trib because we believe the rapture happens after the great tribulation.” That’s really not enough to differentiate them. That’s like saying that Pre-Wrath is like Pre-Trib because we both believe the rapture happens before the wrath of God.

It’s not just enough to say the rapture occurs before the wrath of God in describing Pre-Wrath. There is much more to it. And the same can be said for comparing Pre-Wrath to Post-Trib. There is more to both positions than saying they both happen after the great tribulation.

Some time ago (2011? Wow!), I blogged through the book, Three Views on the Rapture. This edition was edited by Dr. Alan Hultberg and includes the positions of Pre-Trib, Pre-Wrath, and Post-Trib. In order to better understand the three positions and the differences between them, here is a post which contains all the links to the articles that I wrote at that time. As always, it’s best to purchase the book for yourself and read it. But for those who want to save time or money, feel free to read the articles I post here.

Please pay special attention to the critiques. Each author presents their position that they represent, but then each of the other two authors gets a chance to write a rebuttal on what the others have written. It is in these critiques that we see how the positions interact with each other. So without further ado, here are the titles to each article with the links embedded.

3 Views on the Rapture ~ New Edition

Pretribulation, Prewrath, or Posttribulation

A Case for the Pretribulation Rapture by Craig Blaising

Two responses to the pretrib position

A Case for the Prewrath Rapture by Alan Hultberg

Two responses to the prewrath position

A Case for the Posttribulation Rapture by Douglas Moo

Two Responses to the posttrib position

Three Views on the Rapture ~ Summary

The Views of Dr. Alan Hultberg

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