The Kingdom of Heaven in Story Form

So it’s been over a year.  I’m not gone, just busy.  I teach twice on Sundays for the majority of the year in addition to other church duties.  I teach an adult Sunday School class and have been alternating between teaching curriculum and writing my own material.  I have been taking suggestions from the class for what we should study.  A good (best) friend of mine suggested we learn about the parables of The Kingdom of Heaven, especially as a tool for evangelism.  With the help of God, I wrote a 16 lesson series all about the nature of The Kingdom of Heaven as revealed by Jesus through the parables.

What will follow are the outlines that I handed out to my Sunday School class.  Many of these sessions were recorded and I had hoped I could provide links to them.  The discussion was very good and provides additional insight not captured in my pre-typed lesson plan.  However, with such a long delay in getting the messages transferred to the internet, I have decided to simply post my lessons and if the sessions are uploaded to the internet, I will go back and edit the post providing the link to the audio.

Keep in mind, my view of The Kingdom of Heaven is not dispensational.  I believe the word of God teaches very clearly the nature of the Kingdom of Heaven and a lot of people have it wrong.  What follows may not fit your preconceived idea of The Kingdom of Heaven.  Consider these lessons and study the word of God for yourself.

Have fun and stay busy – Luke 19:13

-The Orange Mailman

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