A riddle in the classic style. If you know the answer, instead of typing it in the comments, please like or share the post. Thanks.

I cut off the head
of Lahmi’s brother.
Wrapped in a cloth
to wait for another.
Served with holy bread
to my new owner.
He took me to Gath
like a crazy loner.
Wielded by a man
who liked to sing.
Cut off the corner
of the robe of a king.
Can you be brought
to say my name?
If the answer is yes
you win the game.

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1 Response to Riddle

  1. I accidentally wrote a poem the other night. So if you see this anywhere please know that I am the true author.

    Oh the night is a mistress
    Beautiful to behold
    The opportunity awaits me
    As I propose to be bold

    I take her by the hand
    But it is she who leads me on
    I thought I was the master
    But find myself a pawn

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